Monday’s Mystery

Our Washington’s Monday Mystery question this week is:

The Ellensburg Rodeo, began by “modern community minded citizens motivated not only by desire to celebrate a vanishing way of life but also by a modern entrepreneurial drive to promote their community and generate commerse.” The question is what YEAR did the Ellensburg Rodeo begin?

We want to keep you guessing, so use the “Leave a Comment” box below to tell us your answer. The answers won’t be posted (but we’re getting them!) until we announce the correct answer and first correct responder next week. Good luck!

Kudos and a WSGS Digital Cupcake to Barbara Johnson for her corret answer of 14…..”how many dams are on the Columbia River.” Enjoy your cupcake, Barbara.

3 comments on “Monday’s Mystery

  1. Virginia Majewski says:


  2. Pat Hert says:

    Ellensburg Rodeo: 1923

  3. Barbara Johnson says:

    Yum. It was very tasty!

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