Serendipity Friday

At one time, there must have been a whale of a big shipwreck off the Port Angeles beach.  My son and family live there and since I love beaches, I always visit Ediz Hook and other local beaches when I go visit them. About four years ago I found a HUGE HUMUNGOUS rusty old chain. It was easily fifty links long and each link weighed close to 100 pounds! While I would have loved to haul it home for my garden, my son just un-politely laughed when I proposed that he and grandsons might help me.

Fast forward four years. Son Benjamin took his two beagles down to that same beach for a walk and, as he texted me, “Guess what I found!!” There was that chain, peeking out of the sand! Still too heavy to carry home as a treasure unless we wanted to hire a helicopter but still so cool to see it again.

I would love to know what wrecked ship that humungous chain came from. Would it have been an anchor chain??

Those of us who live in a coastal state (like Washington) know that the ocean and the beach both TAKE and GIVE in their own due time. That chain is still there being lost and found forever.

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  1. Joni Marie Smith says:

    Wow, must be a sight to see and perhaps we will travel so we can enjoy this long ago piece of history. Thanks for posting.

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