Monday’s Mystery


Gosh, no cupcakes awarded this week………. seems that nobody knew that that old time contraption I offered last week was a 1922-ish state-of-the-art Easy brand washing machine.  Just imagine how excited the lady of the house must have been to trade in her wash board for this machine!

Today’s mystery is geography. Is there a Dixie in Washington and if so, where might it be?  No fair asking Grandma Google!!  (And this sign might or might not be worthwhile.)

5 comments on “Monday’s Mystery

  1. Patty Olsen says:

    Because I loved WSU and traveling back roads in south-eastern WA, I came across Dixie on my Pomeroy, Waitsburg antique searching. I was in Dixie! It’s a cool, itty bitty place just outside of Waitsburg

  2. ARLENE ROWDEN says:

    Dixie is between Walla Walla and Waitsberg.

  3. Anne Grimn says:

    Small town in Eastern WA, my hubby stopped for coffee there at a minit mart.

  4. Sonji Ruttan says:

    If I remember correctly – northeast of Walla Walla, south west of Colfax, used to know the Highway # .

  5. Roger Newman says:

    Its in Eastern WA, been by there a few times driving between Walla Walla & Spokane

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