Seattle Genealogical Society Tip of the Week


Here’s a nice genealogy resource for those of you researching ancestors that lived in either of the adjoining counties of Menominee County, Michigan or Marinette County, Wisconsin.

The Robert G. Shaw Genealogy/History Indexes is a free online collection of databases, articles, and obituaries compiled by local historian, Robert G. Shaw, who read through all the pages of the local newspapers serving Menominee,MI, Marinette, WI and Peshtigo, WI. He put together an extensive index of obituaries/death notices printed in the papers.

This database, largely of newspaper articles and obituaries, can be accessed on the web site of the Spies Public Library of Menominee :

Although the index does not provide links to the actual obituaries, it will give you the date/page number to find them yourself using online newspapers, or to request them from the local public library or historical/genealogical society.

While you are at their web site, check out the other resources in the drop down list of the Genealogy tab. There’s a link to a list of Menominee Count Cemeteries as well as a link to Riverside Cemetery Burial Records, plus a few other resources.