Tuesday Trivia

All us dog lovers will enjoy this story…..  In September, when daughter and I took our trip to Maine, we visited the Owls Head Lighthouse near Rockland. I did notice a small “tombstone” near the steps up to the light: For SPOT, the Lighthouse Dog. I knew there was a story so I looked….

Spot was a springer spaniel belonging to the lighthouse keeper. “The dog learned to pull the fog bell rope with his teeth when he saw an approaching vessel. Boats would answer with a whistle or bell and Spot would bark a reply. One stormy winter night in the 1890s, the mailboat was headed towards Owls Head. The fog bell rope was buried in the snow but Spot’s constant barking warned the captain in time to guide his vessel around the peninsula, clear the rocks and sound a whistle to acknowledge safe passage. The spaniel is buried on the hillside near the former location of the fog bell.”  (Discovering Marine’s Lighthouses & Harbors, Summer 2017)

What do you think of this story? Would you want a marker for your beloved dogger pet???

2 comments on “Tuesday Trivia

  1. Lora Rose says:

    We have two markers in our orchard where our beloved blue heelers are buried. They loved to run down the orchard fence and bark at the swallows flying above. The swallows teased them unmercifully with their graceful arcs and dives. One dog lived to age 17 and the other 12. Both markers have an etched picture of the dog over which is lays.

  2. Carol Ballard says:

    Proof that there is always a story behind a tombstone. Leave it to us to go find it.

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