Tuesday Trivia


Haven’t yet gotten around to crafting some Genealogy New Year’s Resolutions? Or, like Maxine, have you broken them all already?

A full year ago, my friend Thomas MacEntee wrote a blog post wherein he came up with a list of seven “Cs” for Genealogy New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. CLEAN: Take inventory, get organized, and clean out!
  2. COLLECT:  Create a solid system for keeping track of gene info.
  3. CURATE: Review source material… is it true or false?
  4. CONNECT: Don’t get stuck on one source….connect with libraries, archives and other genealogists.
  5. CREATE: Write up a concise proof for each fact and relationship.
  6. CONSERVE: Have multiple backup plans!
  7. CONTINUE: “Basically,” said Thomas, “this is the rinse-and-repeat cycle.”

Whatever YOU come up with for YOUR Genealogy New Year’s Resolutions, I hope you stick to them and by next December can be proud of your progress.