Tuesday Trivia

Tomorrow, May 16th, is the birthday of my only granddaughter, Aleena Christine. We live 300 miles apart and don’t get to hug nearly often enough. Here she is about age 10:

My purpose here today is not to brag, but to tell you about a something project I’ve done for each of my grandchildren. I wrote up my memories of “The Day You Were Born.” For instance, she was born in the middle of the night, in a very nighttime-quiet hospital, and both of us grandmas were blessed to hear her first HOLLER echoing loudly down the hall right after she was born. Now don’t you think she’ll want to know that someday??? I just wrote what each family member was doing that day, and especially what Gramps and I were doing in eager welcoming anticipation of her arrival. I happily pass the idea on to you all.

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  1. Carol Ballard says:

    I did the same for each of my own children and my two grandchildren.

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