Wednesday’s Nostalgia

How many of us have a nice hanging rack over our stove where we hang our utensils and perhaps pots and pans? This is not a new idea. People who cook have always wanted their utensils handy.

I took this photo in the cooking building at Fort Vancouver National Park in Vancouver, Washington. Notice the variety of things…. big pans, little pans, ladles, hooks, cups, forks, lifters….. all with L-O-N-G handles for reaching into the fire. Notice the in-fireplace racks on the right? For baking?

Does this kitchen look anything like YOUR kitchen??

** I always think: how did they keep the ash out of their food?

One comment on “Wednesday’s Nostalgia

  1. Patty Olsen says:

    The very first open pit BBQ’S with Charbroil a thing to come!

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