Monday Mystery

Did you know that the Boeing company made furniture? Yes, the Boeing airplane company! According to Wikipedia:

When World War I ended in 1918, a large surplus of cheap, used military planes flooded the commercial airplane market, preventing aircraft companies from selling any new airplanes, driving many out of business. Others, including Boeing, started selling other products. Boeing built dressers, counters, and furniture, along with flat-bottom boats called Sea Sleds.

When I visited with the Chelan Valley Genealogy Society last week, my hosts for the night were Jon and Chris Courtright and they have this authenticated Boeing bed, dresser, nightstand and vanity set….. and I got to sleep in this bed!

The “mystery” is that the above teeny tidbit is The Only factoid I could find about this furniture (granted, I didn’t spend too long looking). Did you know that Boeing made furniture back in the day?????