Tuesday Trivia

Today being Election Day, and feeling “hooray it’s over” because of all the verbal wrangling, I must reflect that politics has always since Day One of this country been cause for passionate verbal exchanges. Now, too, it’s on TV and social media. In the olden days, it was cartoons in the newspaper. Here’s one from 1860. Do you think it was pro-Lincoln or against Lincoln?

I’ve read enough U.S. history (and bet you have too) to know that there were strong divides of opinion over Abraham Lincoln and the campaigning was most rancorous. Just like today, eh?

One comment on “Tuesday Trivia

  1. Kathy says:

    That’s right! I heard that there have only been two presidents who did not have the House of Representatives switch during the 4-year term. Even in Roman times (the Bible tells us) there were political squabbles.

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