Monday Mystery

Okay, you travel detectives, where is this? And what is this?

If you travel north on I-5 and take exit 207 (just north of Marysville) you’ll see this relic of the past……………a stump house!

Yes, in days of yore in Washington, when logging was king and giant cedars trees prized above all, the cutting of these woody monsters left huge stumps. These stumps were often hollow in the middle and so all an enterprising settler needed to do was put a roof over the stump and viola! Home sweet home. Kinda. Sorta.

Google the words “stump homes Washington” and then images, and you’ll be amazed at those old images of our pioneer ancestors’ ingenuity.

2 comments on “Monday Mystery

  1. Patty Olsen says:

    This is the Cedar stump that used to be on Old Hwy 99 South near the Arlington turn off.You could drive through it.
    Living as an “Up River Kid, Dad used to call that “Landmark
    Smokey Point.” I remember a long ranch type building close by and since we didn’t buy a hamburger there or even get to go in, I’d bet it was a “beer joint.”

  2. Barbara Johnson says:

    The stump is at the Rest Area and I see LOTS of tourists posing for pictures. Must be an amazing sight for folks from other parts of the country.

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