Genealogical Forum Closes Until April 1

GFO Closes Library Until April
The Genealogical Forum of Oregon is immediately closing its library in Portland until April 1. We will re-evaluate that status later based on how the coronavirus progresses in our community. In addition, here is a full summary of all GFO Events canceled and rescheduled: ▪ Canceled Special Interest Group meetings and Volunteer Work Parties. ▪ Canceled GenTalk about PERSI on March 21. ▪ Rescheduled the free Genealogy Open House to Sept. 25-Oct. 4. ▪ Rescheduled the DNA Seminar with Karen Stanbary to August 8-9. Tonight the Multnomah County Library system announced it is closing all branches immediately. An epidemiologist I’ve personally consulted believes we should do the same. A majority of the GFO Executive Committee has agreed we should do the same. We need to control the contagion. If closing our library to the public helps to “flatten the curve,” as epidemiologists say, then we want to play our part.
Vince Patton
GFO President
The Genealogical Forum of Oregon is an all-volunteer nonprofit founded in 1946 which exists to promote, preserve and publish genealogical history.
The GFO operates the largest genealogy library in the Pacific Northwest and offers more than 150 classes each year.