Staying at Home

I am glad so many people are staying at home so we can get this covid virus under control. So How do I know you are staying home? Because of the statistics generated here by the people reading this blog. For about a year the top city reading this blog has been Chicago, but with a 100% bounce rate I think it is a bot collecting information. Number two has always been Seattle which makes sense as the largest city in Washington. Spokane was usually near number five, and the cities between Spokane and Seattle was almost always different each week depending on what was written each week. Spokane Valley the city east of Spokane seldom showed in the top 15 cities.

For the last month Kent has been the number one city, and Seattle and Spokane are down in the #4 Group (they are alphabetical when they have the same number of sessions). So instead of reading the blog at work, people seem to be reading from their homes. Keep it up and we will be able to meet in person again soon.