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SGS had a full house for the Spring Virtual Seminar with guest speaker Dr Fritz Juengling. One tip offered at this seminar was about a resource at  you may not be aware of – online FamilySearch Community Research Groups – where like minded people can ask or answer research questions and share resources. You can join any of dozens of different research groups. Join a group to get help yourself, or to share your expertise with others. Groups cover geographical areas, as well as areas of interest. Example group include the likes of Georgia, Germany, Greece, Genetic Genealogy, Adoption, African American Genealogy Research, First Nations of North America, Family Bibles, just to name a few. 

Need help with your research? Once you join a group you can: 

  • ask questions
  • upload documents and get help with translation
  • participate in discussions
  • learn about upcoming webinars
  • discover new resources

Or join a group to offer your help to others by: 

  • answering questions
  • translating documents
  • sharing new resources

Get involved and make these groups more valuable for everyone! Like FamilySearch itself, these community research groups are available to you absolutely free of charge. Start here to find a group that interests you:

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  1. Amber Rothamer says:

    Thank you for highlighting our FamilySearch Community here on your blog! We are happy to have many of you come and join our conversations, and look forward to connecting with you as we help each other in our research, record keeping, and family connection efforts.

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