GFO’s Grand Idea Needs Your Input

GFO’s Grand Idea Needs Your Input
Hello GFO Supporter, As the Genealogical Forum of Oregon approaches its 75th anniversary in 2021, the Board has a really grand idea. In fact, this is a huge undertaking unlike anything we’ve ever done. It’s time that you are included in the discussion. We think the Genealogical Forum of Oregon should buy its own building. A permanent home would free the GFO of rent increases from a landlord. It would give us stability, a known space, and control of our future. Acting now could guarantee our future 25 years from now. Our current lease allows us to leave only in the summer of 2021, or 2026, or 2031. Next year is too soon to make this happen. But by 2026, our monthly rent will reach about the same level as a mortgage payment. That’s when this makes more financial sense. Why not have all that monthly “rent” go into our very own building? Yes, we realize the timing is not ideal. The pandemic is rocking our economy. We would need to raise $400,000 to $500,000 for a down payment on a mortgage and additional funds to cover required renovations of a new space by early to mid-2025, then find a building, remodel it, and move by late spring 2026. To do this will be a monumental task. We are not suggesting buying a building free and clear. That would require $1.5 to $2 million. (Please share this idea with any philanthropists in your life!) Keep in mind that we would still need to raise money in our Annual Appeal to continue paying for year-to-year operations. A capital campaign would have to be in addition to regular fundraising. That’s a very big request. We’re a small organization. And frankly, we’re not professional fundraisers. We need help. As a GFO member, we’d like your feedback. Should we aim this high? Can you help us do it? Please enter the link below to take a quick survey, or fill out the paper version enclosed and mail it back.
Take the Permanent Home Survey
Thank you,
Vince Patton President, Genealogical Forum of Oregon

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