Looking for Authors for the Blog

A while back I asked our member about writing articles that might interest our subscribers, so far I have received one and it was the most read article that week.

The South King County Genealogical Society has been posting wonderful stories on their blog like this one so I will ask again, anyone have an article that might be interesting to our subscribers.

Find a Home for City Directories

Hi Donna,Our Library needs to get rid of some city directories.  Do you know anyone in WA or ID who has such a need?  Is this something appropriate to run in the Blog?  They are as follows:
Blackfoot, ID 1992; Everett, WA 1976; Flagstaff, AZ 1970; Idaho Falls, ID 1993; 1994Olympia, WA 1992; Pocatello, ID 1993; Port Angeles, WA 1993, 1994; Seattle, WA 1979, 1980; Vancouver, WA 1958, 1978; Wenatchee, WA 1979; Yakima, WA 1991, 1993.

Contact Janet Damm, Whitman County Genealogy Society,

Thanks for any suggestions you have, Janet

Lost Photos

WSGS has received a packet of photos from Shelley Cardiel in Portland, OR.   I’ve attached a compiled list of the photos. Some info is faint & difficult to read…   In addition I can scan them and place them on our website in the Gallery.

SCRIBE-ing Report

Reporting in again with a progress report on my SCRIBE-ing fun.

I’m proud to announce that I was number 142 on the list…. meaning that 141 folks had indexed more names than me. But you see I’ve risen up to number 84! So “only” 83 folks have done more indexing than me. I likely will never catch up with (WSGS Past President) Stephen Baylor or Charles Hansen but that’s okay. I’m SCRIBE-ing and that’s the point.

SCRIBE is the indexing opportunity afforded by the Washington State Archives. Google it to get yourself set up to contribute and you too will soon have happy news to report!

New Blog Banner Photos Posted

Have you noticed the Blog banner changes every time you visit? The photos are submitted by readers like you — and Sue Schack Jensen, Library Director at the Seattle Genealogical Society. Sue recently sent us two beautiful scenic photos:

  • Puget Sound and the Olympics from Myrtle Edwards Park, Seattle.
  • Olympic Mountains from the top of Capitol Hill, Seattle (pictured at right).

We’re always looking for scenic photos of our beautiful state for the rotating photo gallery on the blog banner. It’s easy — just send a Washington State jpg image to wsgsblog@wasgs.org with a description of the photo. The blog masters will take care of the rest!

Happy New Year

I want to wish all our readers a Happy New Year, and hope you have a Wonderful New Year.

Charles Hansen Blogmaster

This is a copy of a postcard to my grandmother in Sebeka, Minnesota. I could not read the date on the postmark, but my grandparents moved to Columbus Montana in the summer of 1910. The postmark is from Columbus Montana and came from my grandmother’s first cousin Minerva Eddy. Minerva’s mom Abigail (Hellenbolt) Eddy also lived in Columbus Montana. My grandmother Anna (Dillingham) Hansen’s mother Eliza Minerva (Hellenbolt) Dillingham was a sister of Abigail. I always wondered why my grandparents left Minnesota and four other Hansen brothers to move to Montana. I was pretty sure it was not because it was warmer like my uncle Ralph Hansen wrote in his memoir. So my grandmother had family in Columbus Montana.

New APG Officers Have Washington Ties

The Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) recently announced the results of its election for new board and nominating committee members.

Washington is well-represented at APG:

Click here for a complete list of the APG’s at-large board and nominating committee members.

The Association of Professional Genealogists, established in 1979, represents more than 2,700 genealogists in various genealogy-related businesses. APG encourages genealogical excellence, ethical practice, mentoring, and education. The organization also supports the preservation and accessibility of records useful to the fields of genealogy and history. Its members come from all fifty U.S. states, Canada, and forty other countries.

SCRIBE-ing it and lovin’ it!

WOWSERS. I’ve gone from being number 169 on the list to being number 114. That means with my relatively puny accomplishment number of 955, I’m still ahead of lots of folks and climbing up the Getting It Done Ladder. And it feels good. I shall likely never catch up to Rose or Stephen or Charles but it surely is a warm-fuzzy feeling to be paying it forward with SCRIBE.

Are you SCRIBE-ing it yet???

WSGS Needs YOUR Help…… Big Time

In the past, WSGS has asked for YOUR help and you have responded most eagerly and graciously and we thank you. Now we have another big need and ask for your help.

WSGS is going to partner with a Civil War veterans buried in WA website:  www.civilwarvetswastate.com.  Bruce Smith and Karyn Zielasko Weingarden have invested hours of their time and emptied their wallets to create, support and maintain this wonderful website all by themselves. Now the time has come and they are asking for help.

The website needs a website manager. This is a request from both Bruce and Karyn. They have brought it this far but their website-creator-tech-person is stepping down and they need help….our help.

If you have the skills to manage this one website, which is up and running most awesomely, won’t you please raise your hand and help us??

Please let me know, Donna Potter Phillips,  Donna243@gmail.com, and I will be intermediary with Bruce and Karyn. They will be so very grateful and so will we, the WSGS Board.