Wednesday Nostalgia

Thinking about odd things, I wonder which is really better? To save Great-Grandmother’s brooch in its velvet box where few of her descendants will see it, wear it, or know of its history or to just let it go with her stuff to the Thrift Shoppe when she passes and the family cleans out her house??

I really thought about this idea as I enjoyed the site of so many old brooches and pins offered for sale at a recent Vintage Faire. Many of these pieces of adornment was some woman’s treasured item, don’t you suppose?

Far, far, FAR better would be to ensure that all Great-Grandmother’s descendants know about that brooch of hers. Bet you’d agree to that.

(Note the prices and note the fence/gate that this display was mounted upon. )

Wednesday Nostalgia

Last Friday, I took some 90-year-old-nearly-blind friends on a road trip up to Newport, Washington, to see one last time where they had grown up. We had a delightful lunch in the Owen’s Grocery & Deli. There I spotted this:

How many of us remember begging Mom for a nickel (a Buffalo head nickel likely) to buy an icy-cold glass bottle of Coca-Cola from a big red tin box like this and then snap off the cap right there on the front of the machine? If you do have a memory of this, please share it!

Wednesday Nostalgia

Ah, the good old days when most every grade school child was ushered into the nurses’ office and given a wooden spatula to cover first the right eye and then the left and was told to read the letters on this lighted eye chart. Did you pass? If not, a note was sent home with you to your parents that you needed glasses. Very scientific.

Wednesday Nostalgia

Last week I posted the photos of an old schoolhouse near Walla Walla. When I walked around that building to take those photos, I also spotted this….the coal or wood chute door down into the basement:

In case you cannot read it, it says “Hercules Fuel Chute.”

Here’s a really big laugh: When I Googled those words, all the results I got pointed to a Hercules cargo aircraft!

Do you suppose a student chore was to load the fuel through this chute into the basement and then into the furnace???

Wednesday Nostalgia

This was a schoolhouse near the fairgrounds a bit west of Walla Walla. I took the “stairs” photo through the locked-door-window. How many of you, and certainly of your ancestors, went to a rural schoolhouse like this?

Can’t you just hear the hundreds of footsteps clomping up and down those wooden stairs?







Nostalgia Wednesday

“Today is the day that is filled with surprises…….” Remember that opening song from the Micky Mouse Club show on TV in the late 1950s? I loved that show! Especially the “Spin and Marty” segment. 

Today we introduce a new blogging-segment-day on the Washington State Genealogical Society blog…… Nostalgia Wednesday. Hope you enjoy these little trips down memory lane……


These are called “Shoe Lasts.” Wikipedia explains: A last is a mechanical form that has a shape similar to that of a human foot. It is used by shoemakers and cordwainers in the manufacture and repair of shoes. Lasts typically come in pairs and have been made from various materials, including hardwoods, cast iron, and high-density plastics.

At least they come in right-left pairs.  In the first shoe-making days, it was a one-foot shape and they molded to your foot with use. Doesn’t that sound like fun??