Washington Civil War Association Sponsoring a Battle Re-enactment

Dear Members and Guests:
The Washington Civil War Association is sponsoring a Battle Re-enactment and a Camp Re-enactment this coming Saturday and Sunday (August 12th and 13th) at the Columbia Park in Kennewick.
See the enclosed links which gives further information about the scheduled agenda for this weekend as well as a map of the event location.
http://www.wcwa.net/events/  (directions and map)
http://www.wcwa.net/news.html  (schedule of events)
Hopefully, you will be able to take advantage of this annual Civil War Re-enactment.
Art Kelly

The Legend of the Coyote Mascots — and a Happy Reunion!

WAGS Coyote (right) sitting with twin brother AppleSox Coyote on the steps of the WAGS Museum Annex Building. (Photo by Barbara Congdon)

Many years ago, two coyote brothers were romping the hillsides around Wenatchee. Playing hide and seek, the twins exuberantly worked their way into the mountain heights, losing track of time and place. The coyote youngsters were lost – neither twin could find tracks made by the other brother.

Before long, one of the youngsters was found by a coach hiking in the high hills, and taken to a beautiful ballpark in the city to spend his days. The other coyote was eventually rescued by a librarian and taken to Wenatchee just in time for presentations of the first Art on the Avenues. The Coyote was shaped into a new role, creating within him a voracious appetite for reading. He eagerly devoured a book of poetry by Blue Flute, and read whatever else he could get his hands on, most often a candy wrapper.

After many years of sitting on the steps of the Museum Annex Building, in 2016, the Wenatchee Area Genealogical Society officially adopted WAGS Coyote as its mascot. No more reading just a candy wrapper – this astute WAGS Coyote became a genealogist. He researched books, maps, and even census records, and inquired of all the people he greeted at the Genealogy Library if they might know about his brother. At last, WAGS Coyote located his brother at the AppleSox ballpark in Wenatchee!

The ballgame on Sunday, July 23rd is celebrating their reunion at Paul Thomas Field in Wenatchee! You are invited to join in this celebration as the Coyote mascots make history! For more information, visit the WAGS website. Cheers to AppleSox Coyote and WAGS Coyote!!!

Story by Lynda Pheasant, Past President, Wenatchee Area Genealogical Society

NE Washington Genealogical Society Civil War Headstone Dedication

Evergreen Cemetery

Headstone Dedication Ceremony

Saturday, July 1, 2017

1:00 PM

(Located on Aladdin Road about 1 mile north of Highway 20)

Honoring four American Civil War veterans whose burial locations are unknown

Genealogy can sometimes produce a great “who dunnit.” Stevens County auditor’s records have been an indexing/scanning project of the Northeast Washington Genealogical Society for many years. Over the winter of 2015, a couple of shining stars emerged that had been waiting for us to find.

Amongst the neat little boxes tied with cotton string was a letter to the Stevens County Commissioners asking them to appropriate funds and issue a warrant to D. J. Zent for a burial plot at Evergreen Cemetery for all old veterans (dated April 13, 1899, Colville, Washington). He states: “As a veteran of the late war I with others have had the care during the sickness and death of George B. Williams an ex-soldier of the Civil War and a member of the 12th Michigan Cavalry – and after his death I contracted for a lot in the cemetery near Colville known as the Evergreen Cemetery agreeing to pay therefore – The lot contains room for 20 graves – and the price to be paid is ten ($10) dollars.”

Further research shows the commissioners approved the appropriation and issued a warrant at the next Commissioners meeting in April, 1899, thereby the County owned the plot for old soldiers to be buried in. Evergreen Cemetery has many unmarked graves but George B. Williams was not listed in our enumeration of the interments. After 18 months of extensive research, we are no closer to identifying George B. Williams other than to say he served and is buried at Evergreen Cemetery. The research also unearthed three other men who are Civil War Veterans with grave sites of unknown location. These veterans are William Aldridge, Dennis Huntley, Jr and James (Benjamin) Moore.

On Saturday, July 1, 2017 a memorial dedication ceremony honoring these veterans will begin at 1:00 pm at Evergreen Cemetery located on Aladdin Road about 1 mile north of Highway 20. Included in the program is Gordy Struve (Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War) emcee, Boy Scout Troop #921 presenting the colors, Pastor Dave McCue (Colville Community Church) offering the blessings, Colville High School trumpeters playing “Taps” and NeWGS members Gary Sheehan, Lora Rose and Jim Witham laying wreaths and a rose. Also attending is Major Gary Michie and his reenactors of the Washington Civil War Association displaying artillery. The community is invited to attend.

Twin Rivers Genealogy Society Walking with Ancestors

    We are going to do our Walking with Ancestors again, Walking with Ancestors is presented by the Twin Rivers Genealogy Society,  July 4th at the Normal Hill Cemetery, 1122 7th St, Lewiston, ID 83501,  starting at 9:00a.m. and finish our last tour at 11:00a.m. Walking with Ancestors is presented by the Twin Rivers Genealogy Society.

A little history:

” We started with members of the Nez Perce County Pioneer Association members, 1859 through 1876, that are buried in the K of P Section and looked at the areas they were buried in. Selected those near 14th Ave. in the NE 1/4 which included Dr. Madison A Kelly (M.D and druggist plus mayor), Juliett Mallery (selected her nephew Marcus S. Whitman & his parents, Perrin & Priscilla Whitman because of relationship to Marcus Whitman in Walla Walla), Phoebe Akins, William L. Boise, and John Penn Fix. Next we chose Laura Snyder Barbor because of the location and her round grave marker. Our Whitman’s wasn’t a minister but Perrin’s brother Marcus Whitman was.

   I don’t know what they did as that is what the research does is find out as much about them as we can. That is what we promote is that we can find something about everyone buried in the cemetery if we do research.”


These are the people we will be presenting:

Perrin and Priscilla Whitman (relative of Marcus Whitman

William Boise

Laura Snyder Barbor/Benjamin C Barbor

Phoebe B Akins, and John Estes Akins

John Penn (Michael) Fix

Dr. Madison Kelly is a physician

If you have any questions you can reach me at  cell phone 509-780-7592.  Thanks Sue Gehrke

Ancestry to Offer Free Access to 1+ Billion UK and Irish Records

Ancestry.com has announced that it will be offering access to more than 1 billion UK and Irish records this weekend, Feb 17th through the 20th. If you have roots in England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales, and don’t currently have a paid Ancestry subscription, this is a great opportunity to do some no-cost research.

We’ve put together a quick Q&A below to help you take advantage of this free access.

When Will Access to These Records be Made Available?

According to Ancestry, these records will be made available at no cost from 2pm ET on Feb 17th to 11:59PM ET on Feb 20th.

What Collections Will Be Offered?

The collections included in the free access event can all be found here.  The free access includes large collections covering wide geographical areas as well as small focused databases. Census records, vital records, parish registers, local histories, old newspapers, family history books, occupational records and more can be found in the list of included collections.

Some records that pertain to the US and Australia are also included, such as New South Wales, Australia, Convict Indents, 1788-1842 and Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania.

It is important to note that some of the collections, such as the UK Census and those from Find a Grave, can be found elsewhere online for free on a permanent basis. Others are only available online via Ancestry or other paid subscription sites.

Do I Need an Ancestry Account to Access These Records?

Usually, Ancestry requires that you have a free account with them before gaining access to any records on their site – this includes records they offer for free on a permanent basis and records offered during free record events like this one. A free account does not require any payment information to be entered and is different from a free trial.

If I Add These Records to My Family Tree on Ancestry Will I Still Have Access After the Weekend?

We’re glad you asked. The answer to this question is no, unless the record is already part of a free Ancestry record collection. To avoid losing access to these records once the free weekend ends you will need to download these records to your own computer. Simply adding them to your family tree, or saving them to your shoebox, is not enough. We have a how-to for downloading records from Ancestry here.

Visit the list of free record collections linked here starting Feb 17th at 2pm ET. Click on the collection of interest and conduct your search – you may need to sign up for a free account before you will be allowed to access a record. Remember to download any records you would like to keep to your computer, rather than simply adding them to your Ancestry family tree, or you will lose access after the 20th.

WAGS Library Open an Extra Day

Take advantage of the Wenatchee Area Genealogical Society (WAGS) Library’s extra day open next week! WAGS doesn’t usually have a membership meeting in December, so their librarians took matters into their own hands, and decided to open their library an extra day. Stop by on Monday, December 12, anytime from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Even in the midst of all your December busy-ness, here is an opportunity to do a bit of quiet research. Be sure to check out their new digital preservation equipment, and see how this technique might fit your goals for preserving and sharing your family’s genealogy!

The WAGS Library is located in the Museum Annex Building, 127 South Mission Street, Wenatchee (corner of Mission and Yakima). Besides this extra day, their regular library hours are 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., Tuesday and Saturday. Call the Library at 509-888-6246 or visit their website for more information.

Forgotten Civil War Veteran To Be Honored

Due to the dogged commitment of a Kent couple, with a passion for searching for remains of veterans lying in unmarked graves and obtaining proper headstones for them, a Civil War veteran and his wife will be buried with full military honors on 10 Dec at the Tahoma National Cemetery near Kent.

Read more about the amazing journey of James Powers and his wife Irene who died in 1921 and 1928, respectively, in this Tacoma News Tribune article.

More information about the burial is available in this blog article.

Puget Sound Civil War Roundtable Civil War Veteran Burial


James H. Powers, Jr.

The Puget Sound Civil War Roundtable, in conjunction with the Missing in America Project and the National Cemetery Administration, is planning a very special and unique event…the burial of a Civil War veteran, James H. Powers, Jr. and his wife of 57 years, Irene Powers.

James passed away in 1921 and Irene in 1928.  Since that time, their ashes have languished at a local funeral home.  Most recently, James and Loretta Dimond discovered their record and, working with the funeral home, the Veterans Administration and the family, received the release of the cremains and received permission to have them interned at Tahoma National Cemetery.

The event will take place on December 10, 2016 at noon.  Please assist PSCWRT in publicizing the funeral.  Links to Powers’ obituary, biography and the flyer announcing the funeral accompany this email.

Thank you for playing a role.