Jefferson County Genealogical Society’s Special-event

CeCe Moore, the renowned genetic genealogicst and media consultant, will be the Jefferson County Genealogical Society’s special-event guest speaker on Saturday, November 10, 2018. She will give four DNA lectures in Fort Worden State Park’s USO building; two lectures in the morning beginning at 9:30 a.m. and two lectures in the afternoon. Details and registration form are on our website

Puget Sound Genealogical Society Webinar

Puget Sound Genealogical Society

Saturday, May 26, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Class held at Kitsap Regional Library  1301 Sylvan Way, Bremerton
with Lisa Louise Cooke: Learn techniques to find elusive living
relatives who may hold the key to your brick wall or possess
treasured family  photos.
Registration is required: call (360)475-9172
Jackie Horton, Publicity Chairperson

Tuesday Trivia

Tomorrow, May 16th, is the birthday of my only granddaughter, Aleena Christine. We live 300 miles apart and don’t get to hug nearly often enough. Here she is about age 10:

My purpose here today is not to brag, but to tell you about a something project I’ve done for each of my grandchildren. I wrote up my memories of “The Day You Were Born.” For instance, she was born in the middle of the night, in a very nighttime-quiet hospital, and both of us grandmas were blessed to hear her first HOLLER echoing loudly down the hall right after she was born. Now don’t you think she’ll want to know that someday??? I just wrote what each family member was doing that day, and especially what Gramps and I were doing in eager welcoming anticipation of her arrival. I happily pass the idea on to you all.

Monday Mystery

If I were to ask you, “Ever heard of Frenchtown…..and where is it?” What would be your answer………… I said Frenchtown, Montana, just west of Missoula, when Margie Beldin asked me this question. “Nope,” she said, “Frenchtown near Walla Walla!”   WHAT??

Here’s the story summary: The French Canadian voyageurs travel throughout Canada and then down into the Pacific Northwest. As decades passed, and as they intermarried with local women, they did establish “Frenchtowns” or at least that was the designation given to these settlements.

It’s a forgotten bit of Northwest history that there was such a settlement just off Hwy 12 near the mouth of the Walla Walla River was established about 1824. The settlers in this area retained “their French Canadian character with their architectural forms, land division patterns and Roman Catholic religion.”

Margie Beldin, who has French Canadian ancestry, will give a presentation (in costume!) on this forgotten bit of Northwest history to the TCGS (Tri City Genealogical Society) meeting in October. Can’t wait!

**The quote is from, the website for Washington history; an essay by Stephen B. Emerson posted in 2008.

Don’t Miss the Fort Vancouver Tapestry

A section of the Fort Vancouver Tapestry

For those attending the Clark County Genealogical Society’s Spring Seminar, don’t miss viewing the Fort Vancouver Tapestry on exhibit at the CCGS Annex, 717 Grand Blvd., Vancouver. This exquisite textile will be on display from Thursday, May 24 through Monday, May 28.

The tapestry was completed over a six-year period (1999 – 2005), using over 100,000 hours of volunteer effort. The 70 panels, stitched by 57 talented embroiderers, depicts the history and growth of the American West all the way to the banks of the mighty Columbia. The tapestry is 108 feet long and has more than 22 miles of woolen yarn.

An amazing work of art not to be missed.

Lower Columbia Genealogical Society June Meeting


varies greatly, and to learn how to approach it, we look forward to having LAUREL SMITH, President of the GENEALOGICAL FORUM OF OREGON, to share her experience with us.





June 14, 2018


GENEALOGICAL FORUM’s Thursday Evening E-News


Thursday Evening

E-News, Edition

10 May 2018

For more information visit, contact us at, or call our library at 503-963-1932. We love hearing from you!

For a complete GFO CALENDAR click here.

Also, if you missed your free copy of our monthly Insider for May 2018, you’re in luck because we saved you a copy HERE. NOTE: The Insider issues are now located under the “Learn” > “Our Publications” menu at

Curious about the status of your GFO Membership? We’d love to have you as a GFO Member!


Votes Counted: New Board Elected

ballot-box-1359527 640

The election for GFO’s Board has concluded and the votes have been counted.
* Vince Patton is the new President.
* Geoff Smith will be Secretary.
* Anne Wheeler returns as Director at Large.
* Marti Dell is the Endowment Committee Chair.

The new term for these officers begins July 1.


Another of GFO’s members has submitted a genealogical puzzle for our experts to try and solve!

This time, however, our inquiring member has offered GFO a $500 donation prize if the Genealogy Problem Solvers can crack the case!

Join us for this free presentation on May 19th, and marvel at the research wonders of experts Harold Hinds, Kristin Parks, Duane Funk, and Tom O’Brien.

Will the problem solvers be able to demolish the brick wall? Will GFO get the $500 donation?

Attend the GPS meeting on Saturday, May 19th at 9:30am to find out!


The next Mexican Ancestry meeting will consist of finding records of border crossings, people from Mexico entering into the U.S. through entry ports such as Eagle Pass and El Paso Texas, Nogales, Arizona, San Isidro, California, and many others.

Official record keeping began in 1906 and information taken at the port of entry varied from state to state. We’ll take a look at what records are available through the Family Search website.

These records also tie in with naturalization records for Mexican Americans. Within the naturalization records is a wealth of detailed information such as the port of entry, place of birth, last foreign residence, and more.

The Genealogical Society of Hispanic America – Southern California has a four volume set of books for sale through its website, “Naturalizations of Mexican Americans” by John P. Schmal. Over 1,200 extractions are included in these four volumes. The leader of this free Special Interest Group will bring Volume 1 to share with the group.

Questions? Send a note to the group leader, Vince Ramirez at


GFO Needs You! Bulletin Editor & Membership Assistant

GFO Needs You

This is important. The current Editor is finishing up her last Bulletin.
We need your help to keep the Bulletin publishing.

As with every organization, we are soon to lose some of our most valuable volunteers to retirement.

We’re currently in need of a Managing Editor for our quarterly publication, The Bulletin. The good news is, we have a substantial stockpile of articles so this will give the next Editor a big help before they begin.
Also, we need an assistant for our Membership Committee Chair. Have a couple of hours to spare each month? Please help us keep membership records up to date. Training provided.

Email if interested!

Oregon Constitution 2

Read all about how a group of Oregon students and other citizens helped the State Archivists preserve the state’s constitutional document.

This completely inspiring article, complete with pictures and videos, can be read and experienced HERE.


Friends of Lone Fir Cemetery needs enthusiastic volunteers for this upcoming event.

Saturday, May 12th, 2018 is Oregon Cemetery Clean Up Day.

They need as many volunteers as possible to help spruce up Lone Fir for spring as part of this state-wide effort!

The shift runs from 10:00am to noon, and the duties include picking up debris and weeding around headstones. Tools, training, and snacks will be provided.

The more hands we have the more fun! This is a cooperative project between Friends of Lone Fir, METRO, and SOLVE.

To sign up for this opportunity please fill out the form here.


FRIDAY, May 11th

Mexican Ancestry Group 11:30am – 1:30pm

This meeting of the Mexican Ancestry group will consist of finding records of border crossings, people from Mexico entering into the U.S. through entry ports such as Eagle Pass and El Paso Texas, Nogales Arizona, San Ysidro California, and many other ports.

If you know of any other people interested in Hispanic genealogy tell them about the up and coming group. They don’t have to be a GFO member to participate.

For questions or comments, please email Vince at

SATURDAY, May 12th

Great Lakes Region Group 9:30 – 11:30am

At this meeting, we will look at the Ohio River as a major regional transit corridor. At this meeting, Judi Scott’s recent presentation on orphan trains, a genealogy visit to LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and ancestor’s puzzling move from Bohemia to Minnesota. You are invited to bring stories about your family and research in the Great Lakes Region. Questions? Contact Lynn at

Writers’ Forum 1 – 3pm

This is a peer group of genealogists, who meet to learn about writing and to share our writing with each other. Peggy Baldwin facilitates this group and can be reached at or 503-916-9410.

SUNDAY, May 13th

Maps Work Party 9am – Noon

We are planning to continue working on on our collection of maps on the second Sunday of the month from 9:00am until noon or whenever. Come when you can. Doris Cruickshank is our map project coordinator.


Learn & Chat 10am – Noon

At Learn & Chat some of the learning comes from speakers with particular expertise but most of it comes from the sharing of experiences and knowledge of attendees who have developed methods that work for them. And if you have been doing genealogy for any length time you have likely experienced the wonderful moments of exhilaration, the successes that you then share with others and that drive you to continue researching. Unfortunately those times can be few and far between. Join us to talk about your genealogy questions and help provide support to others. Facilitated by Jean Quan.

DNA Q&A 1 – 3pm

Lisa McCullough leads a discussion on various DNA related subjects, with each meeting focused on a particular subject. General questions are welcome at the end of each planned discussion. Questions? Send a note to Lisa McCull at

Tri-City Genealogical Society June Meeting

Flyer: Jensen, Benton County PUD Auditorium

You will want to put this presentation on you calendar as it will be very entertaining as we learn about Hollywood and the Contributions to World War II as presented by Humanities Washington. Please see the enclosed attachment.
I also appreciate those of you who continue to attend our meetings and I trust that they have been helpful to you in your family history research. We would so much enjoy having you become a member of the Tri-City Genealogical Society and membership is even easier via our website through Pay-Pal.  An account with Pay-Pal is not necessary as you would just pay with you debit or credit card. See our website for membership instructions. or call 943-9322 for information.
We hope to see you in June. Thank you for your interest.
Art Kelly