Kittitas County Genealogical Society May Meeting

Monday May 1, 2017 KCGenealogical Soc meeting

7 PM at 413 N. Main St, Suite L, Ellensburg WA


Our next meeting on Monday, May 1, will feature two shorter programs, The first “Removed Cousins” by Erik Bakke to help explain how the cousin relationship is determined. Mary Christensen will present a talk about “The Doukhobors, Russian Immigrants to Canada.”


Refreshments by Bob and Nancy Wieking.

May 2017 we will attend a Memorial Day Upper County Heritage Club with ethnic food available


Kittitas County Genealogical Society April Meeting


Monday Apr 3, 2017 KCGenealogical Soc meeting

7 PM at 413 N. Main St, Suite L, Ellensburg WA


Warren Street of CWU will tell us stories of His Grandfather in Kansas, gleaned from diary entries


refreshments will be provided by Jenny Jones and Ruth Miller.


In addition, any members who have not had a chance to share their new year’s genealogy resolutions will have an opportunity to do so.

Kittitas County Genealogical Society Tip of the Week

KCGenealogy  Soc from Tuck Forsythe , Treas


(I think that link is freely available to all, but possibly you have to provide email address and password the first time you use it) tells of TV-type instruction in various family history subjects—especially at the bottom under NORTH AMERICA


I tried to show mostly classes always available; although they have ( under UPCOMING CLASSSES) brand  new classes, which are only available on a specific date and time


Kittitas County Genealogical Society March Meeting

Monday Mar 6 2017 KCGenealogical Soc meeting

7 PM at 413 N. Main St, Suite L, Ellensburg WA


Dr. Sharon Rosell, faculty member at Central, will present our program “The Orphan Trains, The Greatest American Migration,” at the March 6 meeting.


Refreshments will be provided by Bill Bowden and Erik Bakke.


In addition, any members who have not had a chance to share their new year’s genealogy resolutions will have an opportunity to do so.


Kittitas County Genealogical Society Meetings February 6

Monday Feb 6 2017 KCGenealogical Soc meeting

7 PM at 413 N. Main St, Suite L, Ellensburg WA

REFRESHMENTS BY Linda Bissonette and Patricia Mittness are signed up for Feb. 6. The program by Bob Kibler, “Writing a Book on Local History.”

Monday, February 6
Kittitas County Genealogical Society  (Local society meetings)
7:00 pm
KCGS Library, 413 N. Main Street, Suite L, Ellensburg, WA
The Kittitas County Genealogical Society program on 07 Feb will be Bob Kibler discussing “Writing a Book About Local History” using his book about Desert Aire as an example. For more information, visit the KCGS website.

Kittitas County Gen Society News


For our Monday January 9th meeting program, I am asking all attendees to bring a small sheet of paper or 3×5 card with your name and ONE genealogical item you will resolve to search for in 2017. Even those not able to attend might want to do this.


Maybe you will choose something like “find great-grandma Smith’s father’s name”, or “when was Great-grandpa Brown born”, perhaps “find the will of Great-uncle William”. Just ONE goal for the year. Hopefully, that will get us each moving forward on our research for 2017. We will share what we want to search for and why we want to find this (requests for ideas of where to look may be made), then I will collect the sheets/cards which we will use again late in the year to check our progress!


See you at the January meeting!

Lynn Blazek



Kittitas County Genealogical Society January Meeting

Jan 2017 KCGS is Mon Jan 9, not Jan 2,

7 PM 413 N Main Ste L, Ellensburg WA

Jan 2017 program All members write, e.g. on 3X5 card, for one ancestor of ours:

Write our 2017 goal to learn more about that ancestor

2017 dues now due for 2016 members that have not paid yet.

Can mail $15 to KCGS, 413 N Main St, Ste L, Ellensburg 98926


“New” re-conditioned APPLE computer: in Suite M now,
Thanks to Dave Storla!

In addition, Bob Wieking (actually Nancy) will be providing our refreshments

Kittitas County Genealogical Society Meeting


October 3, 2016 General Meeting:
Judy Clayton will present “Mysteries and Discoveries from DNA Testing

Kittitas Co Genealogical Society Meeting Mon Oct 3 7PM 413 N Main St, Ellensburg WA & Bob Wieking (actually Nancy) will be providing our refreshments


[Background explanation for Judy’s DNA talk]

In KCGS library are more copies of solution to 200 year mystery of origin of Abe Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks.

It’s okay to merely appreciate the mystery and the surprise answer. But the background in cellular DNA testing is that there are 3 different kinds of DNA birth parent tests now:

  • First we had the test like Candace Hooper used to find out why her genetics were so different from her apparent “Hoopers.” That tests the similarity of the Y-chromosome that boys get from their Dad’s Dad’s Dad’s Dad’s Dad etc.
  • Nowadays AUTOSOMAL-DNA is a generally useful DNA test for similarity anywhere among your genetic ancestors for about 4 or 5 generations back. mostly uses Autosomal DNA tests of the similarity of your 22 non-sex chromosomes (to other people’s test results).  It’s more reliable, for more lines and for further generations, if multiple siblings (close relatives) all get tested, because any one person could happen to receive an abnormally low percentage of DNA from a particular ancestral line.  AND ANCESTRY.COM DNA TESTS tell us more if we attach to the test-results-section, a simplified of our family tree.  If the DNA correlation to another sample is low, may only report it to you if both you and the other submitter list the same people among their online tree.
  • Your genetic father only contributes, to your cellular make-up, a tiny bit of DNA from the cell nucleus.  All the rest of each of your body cells’ makeup came directly from your birth mother (and from her mom’s mom’s mom).  And one of the non-nuclear inclusions in your cells is/are called Mitochondria, which give us our energy.  But for DNA studies Mitochondia have some of their own DNA, unrelated to your chromosomal DNA in your cell nuclei.  So if our family history mystery concerns “Who was the mother?” mt-DNA (mitochrondial) is a useful genetic test for the similarity to possible maternal lines.  Abe Lincoln’s mother’s mitochondrial DNA happened to be of an unusual type; so her maternal genetic similarities were extremely certain.


Abe Lincoln’s mom’s ancestry confirmed finally!

2016 American Ancestors vol. 55 no. 3 pages 55-57 by Christopher C Child

“The Hanks DNA Study: I was wrong!”

A copy will be in KCGS library by Thurs 1 Sep 2016

Nancy Hanks Lincoln’s ancestry found by maternal DNA

~~Tuck Forsythe for Kittitas County Genealogical Society

Generation 1

  1. Nancy Abe-Lincoln-Line HANKS-3353: born 5 Feb 1783 in Campbell, Virginia, United States; died 5 Oct 1818 in Gentryville Area, Spencer, Indiana, United States.

Generation 2

  1. illegitimate dad HALL/FAUNTLEROY/BEALE-18719: born abt 1755 in Maybe, Virginia, British America; married.
  1. Lucy HANKS-3351: born abt 1766 in Richmond County, Virginia, British America; died abt 1826 in Mercer, Kentucky, United States.

Generation 3

  1. Joseph Abe-Lincoln-Line HANKS-3348: born 20 Dec 1725 in Richmond County, Virginia, British America; married abt 1758 in Virginia, British America; died abt Apr 1793 in Nelson, Kentucky, United States.
  1. Anne Nanny Nancy LEE-3349: born abt 1742 in Virginia, British America; died aft 1793 in Of, Nelson, Kentucky, United States.