WSGS Has Productive Board Meeting

Most all the members of the Washington State Genealogical Society’s Board of Directors (which included the Regional Reps) met last weekend (25-26 April 2015) in Yakima in the fabulous library of the Yakima Valley Genealogical Society.

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We all volunteer our time, travel and money needed to attend these meetings and we do it because we believe in WSGS and what the organization can do for YOU and for YOUR SOCIETY. 

Some of these things are:  We offer grants to member societies for their projects; we offer recogniation to society members who render outstanding service; we partner with a society to plan a conference somewhere in the area; we offer Education & Outreach help to all member socieites; we offer a speakers’ list from which member societies can pick a speaker for their programs; we offer a blog which brings you the latest doings of societies within the area….. and the newest thing is that the blog will accept queries pertaining to the Pacific Northwest. 

We enjoy the work, the company and the treats at lunch….  Opal Meyers is in her 80s but still serves as a WSGS Regional Rep and brings the most awesome potato salad and treats!

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