Dwight Radford & All Things Irish Research

I have been privileged to have known and to have worked with Dwight Radford for about 20 years. I know him to be a thoroughly competent professional researcher in all areas of Irish research. He recently put up his website… if you have Irish research needs, you could do no better than to contact Dwight.      Donna

Dwight Radford is a full time professional genealogist residing in the Salt Lake City area. His interests lie in Ireland and Ireland immigration research problems. He has a blog site and a facebook page: www.thejourneyhomegenealogy. Another interest of his is researching the intermixing of the Irish immigrants with the local populations of all races where ever they settled.

Dwight is the co-author of A Genealogist’s Guide to Discovering Your Irish Ancestors (Betterway Books: Cincinnati, Ohio, 2001, 2012) and was co-editor of the journal The Irish at Home and Abroad (1993-1999).  He has published many Irish-related articles in North American genealogical journals.

He will be speaking on “Researching Your Irish Ancestors” on August 11th at the Ohio History Connection in Columbus:

Dwight recently completed a video, on his website, describing Irish research and its quirks. This was accomplished with the help of participants of the Salt Lake Christmas Tour and participants of the Kelowna &  District Genealogy Society in British Columbia.

Dwight has been to Ireland and Northern Ireland many times to work in the archives and to document the ancestral home sites for clients.

He can be reached at dwightradford@msn.com