Cyndi Ingle Visits Eastern Washington

Cyndi Ingle, of fame, was the presenter at  annual Fall Workshop of the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society.  And she was, of course, wonderful.

20151002_161939 (640x530)

As she arrived into Spokane on Friday, and had never been to the Eastern Washington Branch of “our” Washington State Archives, I arranged tours for her. Here is Cyndi with Lee Pierce (red shirt), archivist for the “downstairs” or paper archives part of the facility out on the EWU campus in Cheney, and with Harold Stoehr (green shirt) who manages and maintains the “upstairs” or digital archives part of the building. They were both so very gracious and informative and both Cyndi and I thanked them profusely for their time.

Cyndi was especially impressed with these two wrapped sets of disks………. Harold took us into the very innermost vault and let Cyndi hold the external backup to the entire contents of the state’s digital archives.  (Don’t panic; there are multiple backups.) Cyndi was big-eyed-impressed with being able to hold such a treasure in her hands.

Cyndi hails from Puyallup and we here in Washington are very proud of our own home-grown bigwig celebrity in the world of genealogy. I was happy to show her some “eastern Washington” resources in person, especially our one-of-a-kind Washington State Digital Archives.