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The Legal Genealogist is Judy Russell, a well-known genealogical speaker, educator, writer and lawyer.  She was the featured speaker for our Spring Seminar in 2013.

Ms. Russell writes a daily column, The Legal Genealogist, that is almost always informative and educational, and is usually amusing or interesting, on some topic or event of genealogical interest. These columns are brief and entertaining, and they are free.  While the common theme for most of her columns is some legal issue, there’s much more to them – they illustrate how to research problems, how to source or document your research, and reveal new approaches to problem solving.

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If you’re unsure, and would like to sample several of her recent columns first, go to her home page at

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  1. Charles Hansen says:

    I agree Judy Russell “The Legal Genealogist” writes a wonderful blog and every genealogist that has ancestors that ever went to a courthouse needs to read her blog.

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