Tuesday Trivia`

Prospective parents ponder long and hard to find just the right name for their baby. This is true today and it certainly must have been true yesterday. In our genealogy we often “fuss” when Richard Allen-1 names his son Richard Allen-2 and then comes Richard Allen-3, and so on. But we raise our eyebrows equally high to find some downright (          ) (you fill in the blank!!) first names. I say odd, unusual, seemingly crazy and hard to spell much less pronounce.

Did you read where Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have three children named, North (girl), Saint (boy) and now Chicago (girl). Those dear children will never find their name on a doodad.

Yesterday first-naming a baby was no different. Cases in point:

Nicholas, King of the Jews……….. a baby boy in 1870 in Tennessee.

Alabama, Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia, all big sisters to baby brother Northwest Territory, another census finding.

What crazy-odd-funny-unusual first names are found in your family tree?

(Thanks to Google and “meandmason” blog on WordPress.)

4 comments on “Tuesday Trivia`

  1. Sonji Ruttan says:

    I have a “Young Young” in my tree. Then there”s Mercy (girl), Phoenix (girl), Filmer (boy), Obedience (girl), Theopolis (boy), Pryor (boy), Mahala (girl) Ruel (boy)…

  2. Sue says:

    My 2nd great grandmother was Ella Alabama (born in Louisiana), her sister Sarah Louisiana (born in Alabama), and another sister Virginia. These were all states the family lived in.

  3. Carol Ballard says:

    These were fun to read!

  4. Bettye Hull says:

    I had a great-aunt Musa – never have seen that name before or since except the aunt of hers that she was named after. I have found a Susan spelled (in Bible) as Sousan, a Jaritta, and something that appears to be Neopolitan – a girl – but impossible to find anywhere but that Bible entry, so can’t really verify what happened there.

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