Friday Serendipity

Hubby and I recently spent over two weeks in New Zealand; it was (of course) fabulous. In this blog-spot and over the next few weeks, I shall share some New Zealand serendipity with you………… Scotch Broom, as we call it, is found all over the Puget Sound region…… I look forward to visiting my family in Port Angeles in spring for the extra reason of seeing all the Scotch Broom in bloom. BUT…………………..

This familiar plant, also known as Scot’s Broom, is an invasive flowering shrub that grows commonly throughout the Puget Sound region. Originally introduced from Europe as an ornamental and for erosion control, it is highly aggressive and forms dense, monotypic stands which reduce wildlife habitat and hinder re-vegetation of upland sites and wetland buffers.

We saw this plant (not blooming, too late in the summer) all over New Zealand. Very surprised to see it but people from Scotland did settle there, especially in Dunedin on the South Island.

In fact, Mark Twain must have visited Dunedin because he wrote, “This town was settled by the Scotch. They were on their way home to heaven and stopped here. Thinking they had arrived, they stayed.”

So think of it! Washington and New Zealand have something in common, Scotch Broom!

One comment on “Friday Serendipity

  1. Patty Olsen says:

    Hard to get rid of once there’s one plant from bird droppings.
    My goats did the job of clearing 11 acres, munching away ’til it was almost gone.

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