Friday Serendipity

Something has been on my mind lately and the minds of those associated with various genealogical societies to which I belong.
There are Big Problems looming for genealogy societies as perhaps you are aware. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on these questions:
1. Do you belong to a local gene society?
2. Is it thriving or struggling?
3. Why is that in your opinion?
4. Are most members over 60…and why is that a problem do you think?
5. What is your group doing to attract new and younger members?
6. Do you have a gene library and is that the main factor in what you offer prospective members?
7. Do you have a vision for the future of your group?
Please just highlight-copy-paste those questions into an email to me ( and then you can answer each one in turn and fire it off to me. Appreciate your thoughts and your time.

One comment on “Friday Serendipity

  1. 1. Yes, I belong to a genealogical society (Olympia)
    2. Unknown as I just joined and haven’t been to my first meeting yet (I plan on attending the next one).
    3. I do not have sufficient information at this time to make an informed response.
    4. Not sure what the age of members are…why is it a problem if they’re over 60? I’ve been doing genealogy since I was 33 and am now 63. I know people of all ages who are into it.
    5. They volunteer free genealogical help at our local library the third Thursday of every month.
    They have beginner genealogy workshops at our local library occasionally.
    6. I do not have sufficient information at this time to make an informed response.
    7. I can only answer for myself, not the group…I always “talk up” genealogy to anyone who will listen, and tell them how researching genealogy is like being on a treasure hunt.

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