2019 International German Genealogy Conference

Seven months to go:
73 reasons for dressing cool casual

Wondering about the weather when you arrive in Sacramento for the International German Genealogy Conference next June?

It is true that, on average, there are 73 days in the year when temperatures exceed 90°F (32°C). But if you were on the French Riviera, would you mind? No! Just think of Sacramento as the “California Riviera” because it enjoys the same Mediterranean climate: mild winters and very warm, dry summers that stay comfortable because of the low humidity. Think cool and casual when packing for your trip.

The Mediterranean climate’s characteristics were first described by Wladimir Peter Köppen. Born in St. Petersburg in 1846, he was the grandson of a German doctor invited to Russia by Empress Catherine the Great. Köppen spent most of his life and professional career in Germany and Austria. His interest in climate and its effect on vegetation led to the development of the “Köppen climate classification system,” which is still in use.

Now that you have some guidance on the weather, register for the conference and book your hotel. A sell-out in the early-bird registration period is a possibility. And you don’t want to miss the Mediterranean in California!

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Register now
Take advantage now of the early bird registration rates, which end Jan. 15. With limited seating available, it’s best not to hesitate. If the conference is full, your registration will go on a wait list.
Book a room
The conference hotel, The Hyatt Regency, now has limited availability. But you can get a conference rate for rooms at the Marriott Residence Inn, just two blocks from the conference hotel.
Your hosts, the Sacramento German Genealogy Society and the International German Genealogy Partnership, encourage you to learn more about the products and services offered by conference sponsors. We thank them for their support.