Substitute Bill 5332 On Closing Vital Records

On February 7, 2019 The Senate Law and Justice Committee offered up this substitute bill: Click Here for the whole bill.

The substitute bill still locks birth records for 100 years, and death, marriage and divorce records for 25 years. Informational death certificates will NOT have a cause of death.

Certified copies will be $25, informational copies will be $13. Multiple copies have their own costs.

In the hearing today they asked if genealogists approve of the changes in the substitute bill. It was then voted on and the 4 democrats voted yes, and the 3 republicans voted no. Minority position to not support the bill. There is no date set yet for the full senate to vote on the substitute bill, so contact your senator to let hem know if you agree with the substitute bill or to vote against the substitute bill. Click here to send your thoughts to your senator.

3 comments on “Substitute Bill 5332 On Closing Vital Records

  1. Diane K McCoy says:

    What a mistake. Redact the soc sec number, but not anything else. We as family members have a right to know. We are stooping to the levels of North Dakota, preventing an adoptee from finding their bio parents. We search for death certificates to find out medical issues.

  2. B. Kay Johnston says:

    Please do not close records that we need for genealogical

  3. Please do not close off our opportunity to further our genealogical research. This new law would prevent connecting the dots on a family history. Thank you.

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