Seattle Genealogical Society Tip of the Week

TIP OF THE WEEK – NOTICE FOR FTDNA CUSTOMERS   Listening to angry customers, FTDNA has provided a separate option so one can now opt out of the new Law Enforcement Matching (LEM), but still maintain matching with DNA Relatives. If you care to adjust your Matching Preferences, visit the Privacy & Sharing section within Account Settings as shown in the steps below: 

1. Log in to your FTDNA account
2. Use the dropdown arrow in the upper right, to the right of name, to open the menu there and choose Account Settings
3. On the Account Settings page, open the Privacy & Sharing tab
4. Cursor down to the Law Enforcement Matching (LEM) section and slide the marker from the right (where it’s blue) to the left (where it will turn grey)

If you manage multiple accounts, you’ll have to log into each account individually and repeat steps 1-4.   Judy G Russell, the Legal Genealogist, wrote an insightful blog on the Law Enforcement Matching issue and what it might mean to you, as well as any other kits you administer. It’s dated March 13th.  If interested, you can read it here: