Too Many E-Mails

Two years ago I wrote about how to read this blog and any other blog without getting more E-Mails. You can read that article here. I get about 1000-1500 E-Mails a week and I really do not need to get another 100 blog posts each day added to my E-Mails, but I love reading blogs for their hints. I have a blog reader, Feedly and it works great. I have several folders for the blog posts to go to so I have a Genealogy Society Folder, A Genealogy Folder, A Google Folder, A Home & Garden Folder, A Library Folder, A Newspaper Folder (this is my busiest folder about 60 articles a day from the newspapers), A picture folder, and a couple of folders for work.

There is a Feedly app for both IOS and Android smart phones.

Many Genealogical Societies have blogs, many genealogists have a blog, they are great cousin bait. Since Google searches blogs and finds your ancestor in a blog in Texas, you can then contact that blogger and hopefully find a new cousin.

One comment on “Too Many E-Mails

  1. Sonji Ruttan says:

    Charles presented an introduction to RSS (blogg readers such as Feedly) to the EWGS Genealogy Refocus Group last year and I’m so very thankful he did. I set up Feedly during the meeting and it now collects all the various articles I’m interested in. Most important, I don’t have to go to each blog or newsletter individually! What a time saver! Thanks again, Charles.

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