Happy Thanksgiving

I want to thank all the people that have subscribed to this blog, a few over 900 now, but the biggest thanks are those people that send me their upcoming programs so all 900 subscribers will be able to connect with a program that interests them.

This year with covid has made the societies jump into online presentations that makes it easy for someone to attend a meeting or a seminar without leaving their home, and even join a meeting clear across the country without the expense of travel or having to fight traffic and find parking. We do miss seeing our friends and so after we can get back together will we still meet remotely?

These three postcards are from my uncle Leigh Hansen’s postcard collection, most all are from before 1920.

Back of this card was blank
Back of this card was blank
Back of above card, to my Uncle Leigh 7 days before his 2nd birthday from his sister Carrie who was in Minneapolis at school at age 17 with her sister Frances age 18

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  1. I’m thankful for you, Charles, and the rest of the crew who keeps Washington State Genealogical Society ticking. You do a great service to all of us.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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