Your Genealogical Society and the Pandemic Survey

Received this E-Mail from Jill Morelli and she is doing a program on how has the Covid 19 pandemic affected your genealogy society. Any genealogical society member can take the survey. You might not know exact numbers for members or finances but give what you do know, are less members going to Zoom meetings than came to your last in person meeting? More coming to Zoom meetings?

Jill was asked by a genealogical conference program committee to present a program on “Lessons Learned from the Pandemic.” she needs your help. How has the pandemic affected your society? How do you see your society in 2022 and beyond? 
To properly respond to the title and the direction of the proposal, I have created a 19 question survey for leaders and members of societies to respond to. I was wondering if you would be willing to respond to the questionnaire or distribute it to someone in your organization who might be interested. Multiple individuals from the same society giving their perspective is encouraged.
The societies that respond will get a copy of the completed report and an offer to virtually present the findings to a group of your choice.
Here is the link. I appreciate you taking the time to read this email and submit the questionnaire.

Thanks in advance.
Jill Morelli, CGPast president of Seattle Genealogical Society

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  1. Larry Bafus says:

    Due to health problems this last year I have not attended any meetings, but do get e-mail updates on activities. Personally, I have problems with zoom attendance also.
    I hope to get my membership completed this year again and will follow activity as I hear of them.

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