Let’s Talk About: Yearbooks

Lesson for you here:  if in yard sales, garage sales, flea markets or thrift stores, you come upon discarded high school or college yearbooks (the older the better), rescue them and contact the folks at e-yearbook. You can check yourself to see if they have or don’t have the ones you just found.  What a good pay-it-forward thing to do. Here’s how it works: You find old yearbook; you check the website to see if they already have that one; if they don’t, you email and ask do they want; you measure and weigh the book(s) and they will send you a postage paid sticker!! Such a deal. Note: they do not include really new ones for the privacy situation but they will take them for future adding.

2 comments on “Let’s Talk About: Yearbooks

  1. Kathy Sizer says:

    Hello Donna! Good information on yearbooks and the website. Our library (YVGS) has many from across the state for various schools but also a good site to check if we end up with duplicates. Also a good site to let patrons know about if we don’t have that yearbook. Thanks.

  2. Bettye Hull says:

    Thanks for this information! I have inherited several from North Texas from the 1940s and before and wanted to be able to contribute them to this kind of project!

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