Let’s Talk About: Trivia

** Every coin has two sides. The front is called “heads” and, from early Roman times, usually depicts a country’s head of state. The back is called “tails,” a term possibly originating from the British ten pence depicting the raised tail of a heraldic lion. (Our Daily Bread, April 2020)

** In 1787, Benjamin Franklin designed America’s first penny, often referred to as the Fugio cent. Fugio, Latin for “fly,” was stamped on the coin next to an elaborate sundial with a shining sun overhead. The ever-pithy and quick-to-quip Franklin was sending the message that time flies.” (Boyd Matteson, Deseret News)

**Did you realize that thanks to DNA, they are still identifying veterans’ remains after 80 years??  William Eugene Blanchard, age 24, serving on the U.S.S. Oklahoma, went down with his ship on December 7, 1941, in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Once remains were found, the soldier’s son provided DNA samples which identified him. Blanchard had been buried in the National Memorial Cemetery in Honolulu but will be reinterred in Tennessee. I found this a heart-warming story. Wonder if it would work on Civil War remains???

** Vonnie’s ring. That’s what I call this next photo. Vonnie is a dear friend living here in Spokane. She has 6 children and many grandchildren. She also has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. During a lunch together recently, she was talking about all she was going to do “before it’s too late to think of what to do.” She showed me this photo of her mom’s wedding ring set. Their wedding day and time is written in the lid of the box. Vonnie is giving this NOW to her eldest daughter. Giving it NOW while she can still enjoy the giving.

Does this spark ideas in any of you????

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  1. Kathy Sizer says:

    Giving now is such a good idea. Then you can get the heirloom to the individual who will appreciate it the most and also keep family from fighting over items. Just make sure you have all family members together and ask all who might want something and, if two or more want it, draw straws. We did this with my mother-in-law’s china as she had no sons. It worked out well. The first person with the longest straw selected, then the next person, and so on and then the first again, and on and on.

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