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WSGS Innovative Grants

The Washington State Genealogical Society has created an exciting opportunity for local societies: the WSGS Innovative Grant Program. The grants, up to $100, are designed to support the inventive and creative efforts of WSGS-member societies and organizations. Up to five grants will be awarded annually.
We don't want to limit your creativity, so here are just a couple of innovative projects that might be considered. Other examples are included in the Grant Guide.
  • Help with promotional printing expenses for a large event to launch a newly organized society.
  • Purchase of new equipment to digitize unusual documents, therely saving them from further deterioration.
  • Purchase of DNA kits for local member instructors to use as a public show and tell program, hoping to increase society membership.
Applications are open until March 30, 2019.  Announcement of grant winners will be made on May 11, 2019.