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Outstanding Project Award

The WSGS Outstanding Project Award is awarded to local genealogical societies or organizations in recognition of exceptional genealogical or historical projects implemented during the past year.  The project may be either one-time or ongoing, a single program or a series of programs.   Nominations for the Outstanding Project Award should include a description of the project, goals and objectives, and a summary of the reasons for the nomination. A history of the project should also be provided, including timelines, major milestones, and roles of participants.
The deadline to nominate your local project is March 30, 2019.    The nomination form can be downloaded here.
Nominations will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • Number of Society members participating in the project.
  • Number of Society members and/or general public benefiting from the project.
  • Support of local society and/or WSGS goals.
  • Quality and usefulness of the project.
  • Extent of publicity used to promote the project.
  • Success of the project in meetings its goals and objectives.
The award will be announced on May 11, 2019. The winning society will be awarded a certificate and have possession of the perpetual plaque for the year.