Outstanding Communication Award

The Washington State Genealogical Society recognizes the vital importance of communicating to its members, researchers, and genealogy community. The Outstanding Communication Award formerly focussed on local societies’ websites. In these fast-moving technological times, the award has now been expanded to include all forms of communication, including websites, social media, newsletters, lectures, videos, podcasts, etc.
Nominations from local societies are evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • General look and feel
  • Readability and attractiveness
  • Overall publication make-up
  • Writing and editing quality
  • Variety of information and originality
  • Reflects local flavor of Society
  • Contains information on local resources
  • Current, frequent usage or viewership
  • Of general genealogical interest to a broad audience
The deadline for Outstanding Communication Award nominations is March 30, 2019. The nomination form can be downloaded here.