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Outstanding Volunteer/Team Awards

The contribution of volunteers to the welfare of local genealogical organizations is the crucial factor in keeping those organizations operating smoothly. In 2003 the Washington State Genealogical Society established a non-competitive program to give wider recognition to the outstanding people and teams your organization has selected to be honored, as well as the many other outstanding volunteers from around the state.

Program Details: For a detailed explanation of the Volunteer Awards program, along with what and when your organization should submit to honor your volunteers.

Deadlines: Three milestones help the program operate efficiently.

      Milestone 1: Identify Your Honorees - January 15, 2017
      Milestone 2: Submit a Narrative and Photo - February 15, 2017
      Milestone 3: Presentation - April 22, 2017

Cumulative Index:  View the cumulative index of the previous Outstanding Volunteer Award recipients. The index is arranged both alphabetically by recipient's name and year of award, as well as by the participating organizations.

Award Narratives from Previous Years:  Click on the award year to read narratives of accomplishments by previous Outstanding Volunteer Award recipients.