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Outstanding Volunteer/Team Awards

The Outstanding Volunteer and Team Awards Program provides recognition to those individuals and teams who have been identified by their local genealogical organization to be honored for exceptional efforts. This program is not a competition between organizations, but is a means for local society and groups to give widespread recognition to their top volunteers.
Milestone 1: Select and Identify Honorees – Deadline is March 30, 2019
Your organization should select the volunteer(s) you wish to honor this year, and provide their name, mailing address, and contact person to the Recognition Committee at info@wasgs.org  or by mail. 
When considering an individual to honor with this award, think about: 
·          A nominee who has been supportive of the goals and operation of your local society on a consistent basis for some time.
·          A nominee who has exhibited extraordinary dedication in accomplishing a specific task or project.
·          A nominee who has consistently responded to queries or research, advancing the field of genealogy and services to the public.
·          Not a member of your organization, but has helped in some significant way to improve the society's operation, library or research efforts.
           The achievement may have covered several years; perhaps by a charter member or leader, long since inactive, but remembered and worthy              of recognition before it is too late to say "thank you."
·          Posthumous awards may also be considered.
·          Nominees may have received an Outstanding Volunteer award previously.
·          Please limit your nominations to no more than two individuals and/or one team/project.
Milestone 2: Submit Narrative and Photo -- no later than April 30, 2019
Upon receiving your organization’s nomination, an electronic form will be sent to the contact person to explain the accomplishments of your nominee. The completed form and an electronic photograph (at least 300 dpi) should be returned via email to the WSGS Recognition Committee. This information will be used to create the official certificate.
Surprise Awards: If you want the award to be a surprise for the recipient, and want WSGS to keep the honoree’s award confidential until it is announced, please tell us.  Please have one of your other members make sure the honoree attends the meeting where the awards will be announced and certificates presented.
Milestone 3: Announcement and Presentation
The awards will be announced on May 11, 2019, unless you request a surprise award.   Awards will be presented at a local Society meeting by your local Society’s Regional Rep or a member of the WSGS Board of Directors.  Arrangements for the award presentation should be made by the society’s contact person with the Regional Rep or Board member..
Following the presentation, the narrative will be abstracted and posted on the WSGS blog, as well as on the WSGS website to show others around the state what good works your volunteers do and that your organization appreciates their efforts.
For more information about the WSGS Outstanding Volunteer / Team Awards, contact the WSGS Recognition Committee at info@wasgs.org .  Please place awards in the subject line.