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Instructions for Submitting Genealogies

  1. Before beginning your research, we suggest you check the WSGS Pioneer Index. You may find the Pioneer you’re planning to research has already been researched. If you do find the Pioneer in the index, please send an email to Washington State Genealogical Society asking to see the genealogical data associated with the pioneer. If you are a WSGS member, you already have access to the complete Pioneer histories in the Members’ Only section. If you’re not a member, we encourage you to join so you have full access to all the data.  It is only $12.00 per year.
  1. Complete the submission form. Submitted forms must include your signature.
  1. Please send your submission form and genealogies in a “Word” or text document format. Include all of the information requested in the submission form. See example for suggested format.
  1. Begin with the Pioneer and follow with information for the next two generations (total of 3 generations).  Do not include information on living people -- simply give their name, followed by the word “living.”
  1. You must provide proof of presence in Washington Territory on or before November 11, 1889 for each Pioneer.
  1. All proofs must include a source citation.  For online sources, including the URL with the source citation is sufficient.  If your source is not online, attach a scanned image or photocopy to the submission form. Be sure to cite the source of the scanned image/photo.
  1. Do not send in original documents.
  1. Each proof document must be labeled with the name of the person or persons it is referring to.
  1. Submissions with the accompanying documentation and proof documents may be submitted by email to: wapioneerpursuit@gmail.com or by mail to:  Washington State Genealogical Society, Pioneer Pursuit, 1901 S. 12th Ave, Union Gap, WA  98903.
Acceptable Proofs:
Baptismal records
Birth records
Census records
City directories
Court records
Death records
Divorce records
Insurance records
Land records
Marriage records
Military records
Probate records
School records
Social Security
Tax records
Voting records
State and Country digital archives, including the Washington State Digital Archives
Other proofs may be acceptable, but will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
Click here for a PDF of this document.