Let’s Talk About: Passed Along Books

EWGS past president Shirley Penna-Oakes has been gone for a couple of years now. Her good friend, Mary, to whom Shirley gave all her genealogy and her genealogy books, is now wanting to re-home some family histories that Shirley collected.  The titles are listed below; I have these books and would be willing to send them to you for postage.  First to ask gets them….. 🙂  

The Irish Scots and the “Scotch-Irish,” by John C. Linehan, 1902, Heritage Books reprint.

 I Saved the King: The Story of the Turnbulls, by R.E. Scott, 1977, 17 pages, Xerox copy

 Robert Clements: Ancestors & Descendants, of Leicestershire & Warwickshire, England, First Settler of Haverhill, Mass, by Percival W. Clement, 1921, 2 vols in 1, Xerox copy

 Family of John Page of Haverhill, Mass, 1614-1977, by Lynn M. Case and Page Sanderson, 1978, 245 pages + index, Hardbound book

 History of Haverhill, Mass, by Benjamin L. Mirick, 1832, 237 pages + index, Heritage Book reprint

 By the Name of Morrill, 1632-1987, by Madeleine Witten, ND, 240 pages + index

 Theresa Maria Maselli (Dalsanders) and Virginia D’Amico (Penna); Arrived into New York City 1907 and Spokane, WA, 1907. Compiled by Shirley Penna Oakes, ND

 Descendants of Margaret Campbell, 1847-1928, inc. John Doherty and Jonas Otto Wallgreen, by Juanita Sullender, 2011

 Family of Anthony Wayne Bricker & Melinda Sullender (who married in IN in 1842), a stuffed 3-ring binder of charts, notes, obits, pictures and copies; compiled by Shirley Penna Oakes.

 The Munson Record: Genealogy & Biographical Account of Capt. Thomas Munson and His Descendants, by Myron A. Munson, 1896, 200 pages, unbound Xerox copy

*** I also have a big box of The New England Historic Genealogical Society’s publication, The Register. Shirley apparently purchased these early volumes…………. I will not send them (way, way too heavy) but they are up for grabs. 

3 comments on “Let’s Talk About: Passed Along Books

  1. NP Maling says:

    I’d like the Family of John Page book. How can you contact me

  2. Dorothy says:

    If no one wants some of the books or/& magazines, I suggest contacting a genealogical library.
    Fiske Genealogical Library in Seattle accepted many of both kinds from me. If they receive something they already have, they trade materials with other libraries. They are one of the hundreds of libraries that are part of WorldCat.org.

  3. Cynthia L. Fuerst says:

    Thst is a very nice thing Shirley did & and now Mary is doing!!
    Thank you Donna, for helping!! 😉

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