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The News Tribune
New Papers from Washington and Michigan! We have recently added new papers from Tacoma, Washington, and Michigan to our archives. With these new titles, we’ve added over 7 million images in July and will add another 8 million in August. We’re on track to add 40 million new pages by the end of the year! Our archives keep growing and we’re working hard to bring added value to your subscription. Washington: In 1873, the Tacoma area was chosen to be the western terminus of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Tacoma was incorporated in 1875, and in 1880 the weekly Tacoma Ledger was founded. The News Tribune traces its roots back to that paper, which became The Tacoma Daily Ledger. The Daily Ledger merged with The News and the Tacoma Tribune to form the Tacoma News Tribune and Ledger in 1918. The paper adopted the name Tacoma News Tribune in 1979, and our archives for The News Tribune date back to 1889. Read more about these papers  

Washington State Archives Video

Part of the overview series about Washington State Archives, this video talks about the Archives’ regional branches, what they hold, and why their holdings are preserved at the regional instead of state level.
There will be future videos that go into more detail about Archives’ numerous departments, such as Washington State Archives’ Digital Archives (DA), the research team, digital projects, and more.

Click here to see the video

Applied Genealogy Institute

We would be thrilled if you would inform your respective societies and the members of your societies of our new institute. Here is the short announcement followed by the full press release. If you have questions, contact any of the three of us in the To: line above.

Mary Kircher Roddy, CG, Lisa Hork Gorrell, CG and Jill Morelli, CG are happy (gleeful even) to announce a new virtual practicum-based learning option for genealogists! Do you best “Learn by Doing”? Do you want smaller classes that allow for significant class discussion and to receive responses to your assignments–all at an affordable price? Then the Applied Genealogy Institute is for you! Check us out at and sign up for the mailing list at the website to be the first to get our opening window for registration.

Very interesting YouTube on the Applied Genealogy Institute:

Clark County Genealogical Society Genealogical Scavenger Hunt

Perfect for Families!

Genealogical Scavenger Hunt

August 2 – 6, 2021

Join the Hunts for Daily Prizes – All Participants Welcome

Registration is now open for five daily genealogical scavenger hunts (quizzes) which begins Monday August 2. For five days there will be a set of seven questions about a historical figure from the United States (or American colonies) ranging from the 16th through the 20th centuries.

Each answer can be found online using free resources. The challenge of the genealogical scavenger hunt lies in digging up those answers from a wide variety of sources.

  • A link to the daily quiz questions will be emailed to each player not later than 9 pm the night before that quiz.
  • Players will follow the link, enter their registration code, answer the questions, give the source URLs used, then click the “Submit” button to enter the daily prize drawing.
  • Daily Prizes:  Players timely submitting the most correct answers will be eligible in a daily drawing for one daily prize.  A player may win only one daily prize during the week, but will still be eligible for the grand prize drawing.
  •  Grand Prize:  Players timely submitting the most correct answers for the 5 daily games will be eligible in the grand prize drawing.
  • Awarding Prizes:  Quiz Masters will notify winners via email prior to revealing all winners and awarding prizes on Saturday, August 7 at 3 pm in the CCGS Library.
  • A modest donation is requested but not required.

The Clark County Genealogical Society is a local nonprofit, completely run by volunteers, supported solely by member dues. Formed in 1972, CCGS is dedicated to encouraging, fostering, educating, and organizing activities related to genealogy in Southwest Washington and around the world.  CCGS maintains an active schedule of classes, meetings and seminars. The library shelves house 10,000-plus volumes, subscriptions to several periodical magazines, and in-house computers with subscriptions to and the New England Historic and Genealogical Society database are provided for internet research. Volunteer librarians are available to provide assistance.

After being closed during the Covid Pandemic, the library is now open for in-person research Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 3 pm. Visit the website at for a calendar of upcoming classes and meetings

New Practicum-Based Institute Established: Applied Genealogy Institute

For Immediate Release
New Practicum-Based Institute Established:
Applied Genealogy Institute
Contact: Jill Morelli, CG at for more information
The Applied Genealogy Institute, a new virtual genealogical institute, where attendees “Learn by Doing” will begin fall 2021. Sign up on the Mailing List to get the latest updates and the opening of the course signup window.
Are you yearning for practicum-based learning in a virtual environment from instructors you signed up to hear? The Applied Genealogy Institute (AppGen) is for you. The modest price and the virtual environment make intermediate to advanced practicum-based education topics available and accessible to everyone.
Three courses will be offered in October/November of 2021:

  1. “Irish Research,” instructor, Mary Roddy, CG
  2. “Land Research,” instructor, Lisa S. Gorrell, CG
  3. “Exploring Broad Context,” instructor, Jill Morelli, CG
    More information on course content can be found at the website.
    AppGen is structured to capitalize on the best practices of the on-site institutes and virtual options.
    • There is a demand for strong intermediate and advanced genealogy education in a
    non-intimidating atmosphere.
    • “Learn by Doing” practicums enhance student learning and provide practical skills.
    • Practicums are most effective with small numbers of students. No more than 15
    students will be enrolled in a class, allowing for meaningful class discourse.
    • A single instructor with smaller classes will monitor the students’ progress and
    provide feedback on assignments.
    • Expenses are lower, so the cost is lower.
    • AppGen provides options to those who can’t leave home for a week of classes
    because of work, family obligations, or other personal circumstances.
    • The registration system is based on a lottery system with an open registration
    window—no more “first come, first served” and no more system crashes.
    The Applied Genealogy Institute is the outcome of many discussions with emerging genealogical leaders regarding the type of education that is possible for busy but committed genealogists. By combining the best practices of many different educational opportunities and rectifying the weaknesses, AppGen achieves a balance that provides affordable and accessible genealogy education for all.


Free Access to all Military Records on MyHeritage

I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to let you know about a special offer we have in honor of Memorial Day in the U.S.: free access to all military records on MyHeritage starting tomorrow, May 26, through June 1, 2021.


MyHeritage is home to 69.6 million military records from all over the world, including draft, enlistment, and service records, pension records, and other military documents. These collections contain valuable information about men and women who served and their families. Military records can contain birth and death dates, names and addresses of family members, and details about the soldier’s service. In some cases, they can provide details not found in other types of records, such as notes on physical characteristics like height, weight, and eye color.

This offer is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with ancestors who fought for their country — and a great way to honor their service this Memorial Day. Please spread the word to your audience, and encourage them to search the collection. You can read more about the military records on MyHeritage in the blog post.


Daniel Horowitz Genealogy Expert

MyHeritage Ltd., P.O.Box 50, 3 Ariel Sharon Blvd., Or Yehuda, Israel 6037606, Israel, +972-3-6280000

Washington State Non Profit Network Meeting

Dear Colleague,

We are inviting all the nonprofit networks in the state to join us for a super network meeting, because, thanks to Zoom, we can! The 90-minute session will feature 3 presenters from the upcoming Washington State Nonprofit Conference, delivering 10-minute power learning presentations, followed by facilitated breakout discussions. The event is free and the content supercharged, so please plan to take notes and not miss a minute. I look forward to seeing you then!

Gabriel Cruden

If you are not able to join us at this time, please feel free to send a note with your thoughts or questions and I’ll be sure to share them in the meeting and send out the recording to everyone who is registered. Register for the May 10 meeting Hosted by Washington Nonprofits, the Innovia Foundation, and Yakima Valley Community Foundation, this meeting will convene the Spokane, One River, Central Washington, and Ferry & Stevens County Nonprofit Networks. The gathering is open to anyone with an interest in nonprofits.  

Legacy 24 hour Genealogy Marathon

Art Kelly shared this link with me. Linda

TitleSpeakerSydneyLondon / GMTEastern U.S.
Four Factors Influencing Your DNA Ethnicity ResultsDiahan SouthardFri Apr 9, 7amThu Apr 8, 9pmThu Apr 8, 5pm
Putting Down Roots For Future GenerationsTammy Priolo 8am 10pm 6pm
Learning More about American Female Ancestors Prior to 1850Gena Philibert-Ortega 9am 11pm 7pm
Create Your Own YouTube Channel to Store and Share Family VideosLianne Kruger 10am Fri Apr 9, 12am 8pm
Genealogy Gifts and GamesJanice Nickerson 11pm 1am 9pm
Osiyo to Cherokee AncestryNicka Smith 12pm 2am 10pm
Record As You Go, Cite As You Go, & File As You GoCyndi Ingle 1pm 3am 11pm
Write As You Go! An Methodology for Efficient Report WritingJill Morelli, CG 2pm 4am Fri Apr 9, 12am
Surname Slip-Ups: Baffling BeginningsCarol Baxter 3pm 5am 1am
Begotten by Fornication: Illegitimacy records in England and WalesHelen V. Smith 4pm 6am 2am
Finding Jewish Records in the MyHeritage Search EngineDaniel Horowitz 5pm 7am 3am
Using MyHeritage Tools to Improve Your Family Tree DataMyHeritage 6pm 8am 4am
Leaving a paper trail – Other German sources besides church books and civil recordsAndrea Bentschneider 7pm 9am 5am
Tears of Joy: Families Reunited Through Genetic Genealogy and MyHeritage DNADaniel Horowitz 8pm 10am 6am
Townlands, Parishes and Baronies – understanding land administrative divisions in IrelandNatalie Bodle 9pm 11am 7am
Researching Your Ancestors in the City of PhiladelphiaMichael L. Strauss, AG 10pm 12pm 8am
African American Migration North to CanadaAngela Walton-Raji11pm 1pm 9am
How to Find Birth, Marriage and Death Registrations in CanadaKathryn Lake HoganSat Apr 10, 12am 2pm 10am
Street Names and Numbers: Grid Changes, Renaming, and MoreThomas MacEntee 1am 3pm 11am
Expanding The Details From Published Local HistoriesJ. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA 2am 4pm 12pm
Mother Nature’s Impact on Family Migration & RelocationWayne Shepheard 3am 5pm 1pm
Matrimonio a la española: Spanish marital customs & marriage recordsDaniel Smith-Ramos 4am 6pm 2pm
Collaboration and Correspondence for DNAPaul Woodbury 5am 7pm 3pm
Tracing Your Pre-WWI British SoldierPaul Milner 6am 8pm 4pm
Organization: The Key to Successful ResearchTeri E. Flack7am9pm5pm
Superb Seven: Fabulous Avenues for Finding Family in Manuscript CollectionsPaula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS8am10pm6pm

Improvement of Genetic Groups on MyHeritage

Viewing Genetic Groups of DNA Matches

As part of our continued improvement of Genetic Groups on MyHeritage, you can now compare your Genetic Groups to those of your DNA Matches! Previously, you were able to view the Ethnicity Estimate of your DNA Matches and see which ethnicities you share. Now, you can drill down even further and see which Genetic Groups they belong to, and which ones you have in common. This addition has important genealogical value, and may enable you to narrow down which side of your family a DNA Match comes from. Read more about this exciting new addition in the blog post.  


Significant Update to Swedish Historical Records on MyHeritage

We recently added 19.35 million records to our collection of Sweden Household Examination Books. The new records cover the years 1820–1839, and bring the total number of records in this collection to 144.5 million. The records in this collection are the #1 source of information about families and individuals who lived in Sweden in the 19th and 20th centuries. This is great news for all genealogists with Swedish roots, who may now be able to date their family tree back even further and make new discoveries.


You can search the collection now, and read more about it on our blog

24-Hour Genealogy Webinar Marathon

You may recall that last year, MyHeritage teamed up with Legacy Family Tree Webinars for a historic event: we hosted the first-ever 24-hour genealogy webinar marathon. It was so successful that we’re doing it again from April 8–9, 2021!


Just like last year, the entire event is free and open to all. The event will include live Q&As and door prizes, and will feature 26 lectures from the world’s top experts on a wide variety of topics relating to family history research and DNA. Visit our blog to learn more, peruse the full lineup of lectures, and register.

Feel free to use the above visuals when sharing these updates with your readers, and let me know if you have any questions!


Daniel Horowitz Genealogy Expert

MyHeritage Ltd., P.O.Box 50, 3 Ariel Sharon Blvd., Or Yehuda, Israel 6037606, Israel, +972-3-6280000