FGS 2020 Conference

FGS 2020 Conference

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The 2020 FGS Family History Conference is Going Virtual


You won’t want to miss the final FGS Conference virtual-style! We have a variety of learning sessions to meet every genealogist’s needs. We have so many topics—including DNA, Ethnicity & Nationality, Methodology & Skill-building and so much more! And of course, we have your favorite speakers that you love learning from!

How does it work?

First, join us on September 2 for Live! sessions that include CeCe Moore, Thomas W. Jones, Ari Wilkins, Judy G. Russell, and Lisa Louise Cooke. We’ll also have special presentations and hear the latest from Ancestry and FamilySearch. Participate in a live chat with genealogists from around the world!

You will also have the opportunity to select the right-sized package for your viewing pleasure from our On-Demand content that contains over 80 sessions, PLUS you will receive more than 30 sponsored sessions and a collection of 15 society management sessions for FREE. And, just in case you miss the Live! Session, you will have the opportunity to view it together with the On-Demand content, which will be available starting September 15 and will be available for your viewing until March 15, 2021.


To celebrate the history of FGS—in recognition of this last Family History Conference—and to add a little fun, a commemorative goody bag is available with the maximum registration package. For more information on the contents of each registration package, see the Registration Page.

You will also be able to visit our Virtual Exhibit Hall starting September 15.

We hope that you will enjoy blazing new trails with us in this virtual experience!

Registration is now open for the Federation of Genealogical Societies’ Virtual Family History Conference!
The virtual event will begin with FGS “Live!” on September 2, 2020, starting at 11:00 a.m. (EDT) and concluding at 7:00 p.m. (EDT). In addition to the Live! event, all conference registrations will include a collection of 16 society management sessions assembled by FGS and more than 30 sponsored sessions. The registration packages allow you to further select either 10, 20 or 45 sessions from the On-Demand content from leading genealogists (more than 80 sessions from which to choose). All registration packages include online access to our digital conference syllabus. A special commemorative goody bag is included with the 45-session package. If you had already registered for the FGS conference in Kansas City, your registration will convert to the 20-session conference package. For more information, visit our conference website.
The FGS Live! event will feature lectures from some of the most popular genealogy speakers:
  David E. Rencher, “FGS: Celebrating the Past and the Future” Judy G. Russell, “Quarantined! Genealogy, The Law & Public Health” Ari Wilkins, “Scaling the 1870 Brick Wall in African American Research” Thomas W. Jones, “Building a Respectable Genealogy, One Documented Biography at a Time” CeCe Moore, “Strategies of “The Genetic Detective”” Lisa Louise Cooke, “The 2020 Genealogist’s Google Search Methodology”  
The Live! event will also include special presentations from our two Platinum sponsors: Ancestry’s “Journey to “Roots Less Traveled”” Ron Tanner of FamilySearch, “What’s New at FamilySearch”  
An online chat will take place during the Live! event and there will be a Q&A session following each session.
The following two-hour workshops will also be held on September 3-4:
  Angie Bush, “Using the “What are the Odds” (WATO) Tool” on 9/3/2020 Cari Taplin, “Using Google’s My Maps as a Planning & Analysis Tool” on 9/3/2020 Angie Bush, “Latest Developments in Company Tools for DNA” on 9/4/2020 Pam Vestal, “What the Heck Does That Say” on 9/4/2020  
For a full description of the registration packages, a list of the available On-Demand content, a list of all of the free sessions, and much more information, visit our conference website.
Keep updated on the FGS 2020 Conference! Visit our webpage:  FGSConference.org
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Seattle Genealogical Society Tip of the Week -Irish Roots


Have you heard of “Ireland Reaching Out”? Their mission statement says “Of the estimated 70 million people of Irish descent living outside of Ireland today, many are unsure of where in Ireland they originate from, or if there are any living relatives still there. We aim to help these people discover the story of their family history and reconnect them with the Ireland of today.”

And their approach is a bit unique, “It is based on a simple idea; instead of waiting for people of Irish descent to come home to Ireland to trace their roots, local Irish parish communities go the other way. At a town land, village and parish level, local Irish communities identify who left their neighborhoods, and trace them and their descendants worldwide, proactively engaging with them and inviting them to become part of an extended “virtual” community with their place of origin.” 

“Ireland Reaching Out” has a Facebook Page in addition to their website: https://irelandxo.com 
Join, post your family’s emigration story or browse the messages boards, communicate with a volunteer, learn about Irish history.   

Seattle Genealogical Society News


The SGS Board has reviewed the status of the SGS library facility in the context of the State and King County plans for reopening the community. We decided to link our plans for reopening the library to the State plan; the library will not be reopened for use by our members and guests until King County has moved to Phase 4 of the State plan. We are as anxious to reopen the library as our membership, but we believe that the safety of our membership is paramount, and the guidance provided by the State plan makes it clear that it is not safe for us to reopen the library until Phase 4. We will keep you posted on the library’s status via eNews! notices.  

Throughout our nearly 100-year history, the Seattle Genealogical Society has  compiled many databases and indexes from unique sources that you will not find anywhere else. Although the library is closed for now, we continue to provide research lookups in these databases, as well as in books and online archives. Research Requests are your lifeline to all SGS library resources.

For example, you might request a specific lookup in the King County Court Cases Index 1881-1980 (KC3I), Seattle area Veterans of Foreign Wars Membership Cards, SGS Bulletin and Journal 1952-2020, Seattle Obituaries, Seattle City Directories 1890-1990, or any of the books and periodicals listed in the  SGS Library Catalog.

Research requests may be submitted by anyone for a non-refundable fee of $7.50 per name, or by SGS Members at no charge. For more information, and to make a Research Request, click here: 
SGS Research Services

Very sad news. We just received notice that SGS member Walter Clinton, 68, of Seattle, passed away on Sunday, May 17, 2020. He was a much-appreciated volunteer here at SGS, serving most recently as Chair of the Nominating Committee for our 2020 election. Our condolences to his family.
  You may read Walter’s full obituary or share your memories of him here:

  The Seattle Genealogical Society (SGS) held its June Membership Meeting on June 13, 2020 with over 50 members tuning in on Zoom for a virtual meeting.  James Secan, the new President of the Society, welcomed the new Board, presented Marilyn Rose with a plaque in recognition of her Past President’s status, and reviewed both past, present, and future activities for the Society.

Minutes and attachments, such as financial statements, are located on the SGS website for members. Lori Lee Sauber gave an informative presentation on Trello and Kanban.

On Sunday, July 12th starting at 1:00 PM, Karen Knudson, leader of the Scandinavian SIG, will be hosting their first online virtual meeting via Zoom. Anyone interested in Scandinavian research is invited to join in. You will find the link for this Zoom meeting on the Calendar of Events section of the  SGS website: www.seagensoc.org 

As part of the SGS commemoration of Women’s Suffrage, we are sharing women’s stories of 100 and more years ago. This month, we share The Boughten Dress.

Singer began mass-producing domestic electric sewing machines in 1910 and transformed many women’s lives. Imagine hand-sewing clothing for 12 children! The Boughten Dress, written by Jan Johnson illustrates the significance of the sewing machine in her grandmother’s and mother’s lives. They lived in desperate poverty during the Great Depression in northern Minnesota, close to the Canadian border. Jan inherited her grandmother’s machine and her love of sewing. She cherishes her memories and has carried on the tradition of sewing for her family.

You can view this story and others on the SGS website – Women’s Suffrage in Your Family History: https://seagensoc.org/cpage.php?pt=125

SGS CALENDAR OF EVENTS*** In consideration of COVID-19 social distancing recommendations, the SGS Library is closed until further notice and all SGS in-person events have been canceled, postponed, or replaced with an online event.
Stay home – stay healthy – but stay engaged by attending one of our live, online events! 

Myra Vanderpool Gormley

I first found Myra when I joined the Prodigy genealogy bulletin board in 1991. Myra was the genealogy expert there and every week she wrote an article on genealogy. I kept the articles and started indexing them, still have them on a floppy.

I was also going to the Family History Center (now Family Search Center) near me and as a new genealogist I was surprised when I found my Irish great grandmother’s surname was Vanderpool. My grandmother had told me all her ancestors were Irish, but Vanderpool is Dutch not Irish. Many of the early Vanderpool newsletters are on microfilm at Salt Lake and I was able to trace my Vanderpool’s back to John Jackie Vanderpool born in North Carolina about 1805. He is still one of my brick walls as I have never found any information on his parents. I did find his grandparents and they are also ancestors of Myra Vanderpool, so we are 6th or 7th cousins. I am pretty shy so I sent Myra an E-Mail with my findings and almost immediately got a reply welcome cousin. I joined the Vanderpool group and got their annual newsletter. A few years later I helped index all 40+ volumes of that newsletter. I still have that index here on my computer, but the sky index I used stopped working when I got Win 7.

I confided with Myra several times when something genealogical came up, first was when I sent my GEDCOM to a New England linage group and a month or so later that whole GEDCOM appeared on several online websites with all my living relatives still listed. I completely stopped doing any research and was close to quitting genealogy. Myra calmed me down and later on I did start researching again. It is interesting I see myself on Facebook when I see people wanting to keep their family tree private since someone had changed their online tree.

Second time was when I had the chance to do what our genealogical society calls research for others, I lookup local records in our library and courthouse and charge a small fee which actually goes to our genealogical society. I was thinking that would be a long term commitment, but Myra said I could quit at any time I wanted. I found I really like this volunteer job, I like being in a quiet archive all to myself doing research, and I am the third person in this job since WWII.

Myra was such a good writer and I am such a poor writer, but she always said write about what you know, so I am becoming a better writer. Thanks Myra.

Myra passed away from cancer on June 26, 2020 and I will miss my cousin and friend. Rest in Peace Myra.

Richard Eastman has a nice article on Myra here


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Heritage Quest Research Library is Still here

We’re happy to say
“We’re still here”!
I know it’s been awhile since we sent out an email, but we are happy to say “we’re still here” even if we haven’t been open.  Pierce County (the county where we are located) has moved to the Phase 2 of the COVID-19 recovery.  For us at the library, it means that we must make sure that we are able to accommodate our patrons in a safe environment. We must be able to protect our volunteers, members and patrons before we are allowed to re-open.  In the mean time we are working on ways to help you with your Genealogy. 
1)  If you are a current member of Heritage Quest Research Library, when you access our webpage, click on the Members tab.  It will take you to the log in page.  Log in and you will see the name Ancestry remote login under members. Click on it and you’re IN!
2)  Can’t find the time to do research?  We have the volunteers who are able to do the research for you. Our assistance rate is $15.00 per hour.  Send inquiries to: research@hqrl.com
3)  Our Webmaster and our Technology gurus are working to adapt our Pay Pal account to accept your membership payments.  We’re not there yet, but hope to be soon. If you regularly pay by mail, that’s OK too.  Our office manager is picking up our mail on a regular basis.   
4)  We are also working on ways to bring Genealogy to you!  Many of the Gen Societies and Heritage Groups are doing classes remotely.  We are working on that too!  

We sincerely care about all our members and patrons.  We have your health in our hearts.  Be well, stay healthy and we will see you soon!

Heritage Quest Research Library Management Team and Board of Trustees

Seattle Genealogical Society Tip of the Week


Would you like one place to stay informed of  family history conferences, seminars, workshops, and other genealogy events? Then www.ConferenceKeeper.org might be your place. Their goal is to increase the availability of information about opportunities for genealogists and family historians by providing details on Genealogy Conferences & Events, to genealogists’ knowledge, skills and enjoyment of genealogical research.