Query Looking for Living Descendants

Hi Sue Ericksen,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me this morning regarding a descendant search I would like to have done by one of your WSGS members or an individual recommended by one of your members who is experienced with this type of search. 

I understand that this may be a special category of research with a professional fee schedule and compensation process. 

I look forward to moving forward on this project as soon as possible, depending on the availability of the researcher. 

The goal is to find the descendants, up to current date, of my paternal great grandparents. 

It is the living descendants I am most interested in locating. 

With this type of search, there will probably be some very valuable advice our researcher will offer along with their findings.

Please feel free to forward my contact information. I would be happy to answer any questions they might have to clarify the scope of work and purpose.  Again, this is to find living descendants and relatives and may logically include recently passed descendants and relatives. 

I look forward to hearing from you or one of your members at their earliest convenience. 

Thank you again for your assistance this morning. 


Susan Musi  (Schenck)     musiandassoc@mindspring.com

I have initial search information that may be helpful. For example:

Charles (G-G-Gr.) Schenck (1854) from Middleton, Wisconsin area whose great grandson was my grandfather Walter Schenck who lived primarily in Des Moines, Wa with my Grandmother Carol Schenck (Annis). 

Walter Schenck married Carol Annis whose parents were Abbey Annis & Mr. M. Howard from the Princeton,  Minnesota area.  

My paternal grandmother is Carol Schenck (Annis), one of Abbey Howard & M. Howard’s  4-5 children.  

Walter Schenck and Carol Schenck  (Annis) moved to the Seattle area in 1928. 

Many of the Annis –Florian(?) family had already moved to Seattle area from Princeton, Minnesota area.

**I suspect this side of the family (Annis) is where most of the current descendants would be found. Hopefully, we can find some who are in Washington and Oregon.

**I have names, old addresses (25 yrs. Ago) phone numbers etc. of descendants on both sides/ Schenck, Annis, Howard.