Black Tacoma Civil War Veteran Honored After 100 Years

David Franklin, Tacoma’s only Black naval Civil War veteran, was honored recently with the recognition he earned and deserved — a marble headstone and ceremony honoring his service at the Oakwood Hill Cemetery in Tacoma. Read about the tenacious historian who made that happen.

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Civil War Cemetery Walking Tour

Richard Heisler, local historian dedicated to documenting Seattle’s Civil War Legacy, will be giving a free walking tour of Capitol Hill’s Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery. The tour will include brief histories of the cemetery, the Grand Army of the Republic, and some of the cemetery’s internees. Heisler will also explore different topics not previously covered during his last tour back in August. Estimated length is 60 to 90 minutes followed by Q&A.You can find out more about Heisler’s project on his

Or you can follow his work on Facebook:
We look forward to seeing you there!

Civil War Soldier Deserved a Headstone

While I was up at our cabin for Labor Day weekend, I missed this story until I caught up with the newspapers. 

At 24, in the Civil War, he was saving the Union. Buried in Seattle, he deserved a headstone:
I’ve corresponded with Richard Heisler about the Civil War soldier buried in a grave less than a mile from that same cabin where I was this weekend [1]. His project [2] is a noble one!
If you have ancestors who served in any of the US military who do not have a stone, we have folks here who can help you get started with the process to get them suitably honored, no matter where they are buried. Just ask.


Civil War Veterans Buried in Washington State

Bruce Smith and Karyn Zielasko Weingarden are the originators of the website which they hope and expect to become the “One-Stop-Shopping” for those researching a Civil War veteran who came to the Pacific Northwest and died and is buried in Washington state.

Did you know about this website? Ever looked at it? Suggest you do so!

Their goal with this project is to have, in one place, a complete listing of all Civil War vets resting in Washington soil along with a bit of a biography on him. These bios are gleaned from official records or submitted by researchers.

So what does this mean for you? Do you have a Civil War veteran ancestor buried here? Is he documented on Bruce and Karyn’s website? Would you like to submit your information to the website?

Directions on how to submit your info is on the website but bottom line, send an email to Bruce at

And do stay tuned for more information and updates!