Free Census Access Extended

Following last week’s email announcing free access to all U.S. census records on MyHeritage, I’m writing to let you know that we’ve decided to extend this for another week. You can now access the entire U.S. census collection for free through April 12. 

Search all U.S. Censuses on MyHeritage

The MyHeritage collection includes the full set of U.S. census records taken since 1790 and includes 650 million names.

Please share this update with your audiences. Enjoy and stay safe Daniel Horowitz
Genealogy Expert

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Sunday Special: Free Books

I have two books-of-interest-to-Washington-research that I’d be happy to give away (for postage) to whomever wants them.

First is Railroads, Reclamation and the River, A History of Pasco, by Walter A. Oberst, 1978. If you have ancestors who lived in the early days in the Pasco area, you’ll enjoy reading this book and viewing the many photos.

Other is There Were Giants, by Maurice Helland, 1980. This is the biography of James Harvey Wilbur, who was born in 1811 in New York, married in 1831 to Lucretia Ann Stevens, had a daughter who married but left no descendants.  James came to the Northwest and did Methodist missionary work until the end of his days. Very interesting read.

Be happy to send these books to you for $5 postage each (or for both if you want both). Let me know.