MyHeritage’s annual Black Friday sale

MyHeritage’s annual Black Friday sale is ON, and you know what that means… MyHeritage DNA kits are now available for the lowest price ever.


This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who’s been thinking about incorporating DNA into their genealogy research. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a thoughtful gift — at 50% off, this is the perfect chance to stock up for everyone on your holiday shopping list. There’s even a beautiful gift wrap option.

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MyHeritage New Collections of French Records

You may recall that 3 weeks ago, MyHeritage published 463 million French historical records that were previously exclusive to Filae — the leading French genealogy company that we recently acquired. This week, we’re thrilled to announce the publication of 22 million additional records from Filae.

These 8 new collections include census, military, and burial records, and they cover centuries of French history and many French departments. They serve as an excellent complement to the vital records and censuses released last month, and further solidify MyHeritage’s position as the go-to resource for anyone interested in learning more about their European ancestors.

You can read more about the new collections and view some fascinating sample records from them in this blog post. Feel free to use the attached graphic when spreading the word!

Reminder: MyHeritage is providing free access to all death records added to MyHeritage before October 2021. This ends tomorrow November 2!
Search free death records on MyHeritage


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MyHeritage Free Death Records

I’m writing to let you know that we’re opening up all the death records added to MyHeritage before October 2021 for free access during the week of Halloween, from October 27–November 2, 2021!

Search the records now

9335_Free Death records image_753_463

From last Halloween until the beginning of October, we added more than 37 million records to an already enormous collection of death records, burial records, cemetery records, and obituaries — bringing the total to 586,664,785 records. 11 collections were added or updated, including collections from Brazil, New Zealand, the United States, Poland, France, and more.

I invite you to share the news with your followers so they don’t miss this opportunity. Click here to read our blog post about this limited-time offer, and feel free to use the attached graphic when spreading the word.

Enjoy the records! I look forward to hearing about your new discoveries.

Best regards and stay safe,


Daniel Horowitz

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MyHeritage Free Census Records

I’m happy to share that for the next week we’re offering free access to all census records on MyHeritage, from September 1–8, 2021!

The Census & Voter Lists category on MyHeritage encompasses a vast repository of over 1.3 billion records, including census records from the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Scandinavia, and Canada as well as electoral rolls and other records from Australia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Armenia, Greece, and much more. These records offer valuable snapshots of the lives of people living in these locations throughout history, especially from the 19th century onward.

Search all census records on MyHeritage

You can read more about MyHeritage’s treasure trove of census records on our blog

Please share this opportunity with your audiences so they too can take advantage of this valuable genealogical resource. You can feel free to use the visual above. Enjoy Daniel Horowitz
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MyHeritage Photo Repair

We did it again! I’m very excited to announce the release of Photo Repair — the newest feature to join MyHeritage’s photo toolbox. Photo Repair automagically fixes scratches, tears, holes, stains and other damage on historical photos.

Photo Repair PR Image

When a photo is uploaded to MyHeritage, a specialized detection algorithm runs in the background and determines if it has sustained damage. If so, a Repair button will appear, ensuring that users will not waste time attempting to repair photos that don’t need it. Photos may be repaired with a single click, and in just a few seconds. The default repair model, named Gentle Repair, will fix most types of damage with minimal changes to the rest of the photo. For photos with more substantial damage, an Extensive Repair model can be applied.

Watch the video to see some amazing examples of the results produced when using Photo Repair. 

Please see some more incredible examples of repaired photos in the blog post and find more information in the press release. I would be grateful if you could share this news with your audience, include the video and attached visual, and encourage them to see the magic for themselves.


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Free Access to all Military Records on MyHeritage

I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to let you know about a special offer we have in honor of Memorial Day in the U.S.: free access to all military records on MyHeritage starting tomorrow, May 26, through June 1, 2021.


MyHeritage is home to 69.6 million military records from all over the world, including draft, enlistment, and service records, pension records, and other military documents. These collections contain valuable information about men and women who served and their families. Military records can contain birth and death dates, names and addresses of family members, and details about the soldier’s service. In some cases, they can provide details not found in other types of records, such as notes on physical characteristics like height, weight, and eye color.

This offer is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with ancestors who fought for their country — and a great way to honor their service this Memorial Day. Please spread the word to your audience, and encourage them to search the collection. You can read more about the military records on MyHeritage in the blog post.


Daniel Horowitz Genealogy Expert

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New Additions for MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia

I have great news — we’ve released 10 additional “special” animations for Deep Nostalgia™ today, doubling the number of animations available and allowing you to see your ancestors express a wider spectrum of gestures and emotions, for example, dance, blow a kiss, smile wholeheartedly, nod approval, and more. The special animations are available to subscribers on the Complete plan.


Deep Nostalgia™ has taken social media by storm, and since its launch 5 weeks ago, 72 million animations have been created!

Please share this wonderful news with your audience and on all your social channels. You can find a complete overview of the special animations in the blog post.

Here are some examples of the special animations:

Dance 2:



When you animate a photo, the initial animation is selected by default so as to match the pose and angle of the person in your photo perfectly. That initial animation is always one of the first 10 general animations and is never one of the special animations. The special animations need to be selected manually.

Selecting a special animation is not available from the landing page, which is only meant for quick animation and sharing, and is only available from the “My Photos” section of the website and the “Photos” section of the MyHeritage mobile app, where in both locations more advanced functionality is at your disposal.

I hope you enjoy seeing your ancestors move with these new animations!


Daniel Horowitz Genealogy Expert

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Improvement of Genetic Groups on MyHeritage

Viewing Genetic Groups of DNA Matches

As part of our continued improvement of Genetic Groups on MyHeritage, you can now compare your Genetic Groups to those of your DNA Matches! Previously, you were able to view the Ethnicity Estimate of your DNA Matches and see which ethnicities you share. Now, you can drill down even further and see which Genetic Groups they belong to, and which ones you have in common. This addition has important genealogical value, and may enable you to narrow down which side of your family a DNA Match comes from. Read more about this exciting new addition in the blog post.  


Significant Update to Swedish Historical Records on MyHeritage

We recently added 19.35 million records to our collection of Sweden Household Examination Books. The new records cover the years 1820–1839, and bring the total number of records in this collection to 144.5 million. The records in this collection are the #1 source of information about families and individuals who lived in Sweden in the 19th and 20th centuries. This is great news for all genealogists with Swedish roots, who may now be able to date their family tree back even further and make new discoveries.


You can search the collection now, and read more about it on our blog

24-Hour Genealogy Webinar Marathon

You may recall that last year, MyHeritage teamed up with Legacy Family Tree Webinars for a historic event: we hosted the first-ever 24-hour genealogy webinar marathon. It was so successful that we’re doing it again from April 8–9, 2021!


Just like last year, the entire event is free and open to all. The event will include live Q&As and door prizes, and will feature 26 lectures from the world’s top experts on a wide variety of topics relating to family history research and DNA. Visit our blog to learn more, peruse the full lineup of lectures, and register.

Feel free to use the above visuals when sharing these updates with your readers, and let me know if you have any questions!


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MyHeritage Border Crossings Collection

I am happy to share that we’ve just released a new collection: United States, Border Crossings from Canada, 1895-1956, which consists of 12.5 million historical records.

9161_Feature Image for United States, Border Crossings from Canada, 1895-1956_EN_875_472_EN

During the late 19th century many immigrants to the U.S. arrived via passage from Canada to avoid harsh inspections at U.S. ports like Ellis Island. The collection, which includes images, is significant as it offers important details of travelers as they made their way to the United States. The MyHeritage index offers additional details not found in other versions of this collection, such as information on family members.

Search the U.S. Border Crossings from Canada, 1895–1956 collection now

The records include the individual’s name, age, gender, date of arrival, arrival port, marital status, birth date, birth place, last residence, destination, port of departure, and nationality, as well as the names and addresses of family members both in the United States and the home country. In addition to immigrants seeking citizenship in the United States, many of the records in the collection pertain to U.S. or Canadian citizens passing through the border for work or travel. 

You can search the collection now and read more about it in the blog post.

And as it’s Abraham Lincoln’s birthday today I remind you to watch and share our new ad

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MyHeritage and Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most prominent figures in the history of the United States, and one of the most influential presidents of all time. Ahead of his birthday on February 12, and President’s Day on February 15, MyHeritage has released a new ad that lets you see Lincoln like never before, as he explores his family history on MyHeritage 🙂

Please watch the video and embed it on your blogs, and share it on your channels.

I hope that you and your audience enjoy the video! 

You can also read more about the making of this incredible project on our blog.


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