MyHeritage Free Irish Records Access till March 19

I’m excited to share that in honor of St. Patrick’s Day this year, we are making all 106 of our Irish record collections available to search for free from now until March 19, 2023!

The MyHeritage Irish collections include Irish birth, marriage, death, census, wills, atlases, directories, calendars, historical books, registers, passenger lists, prisoner, and registration records. Many of the collections also include images.

St. Patrick's Day free record

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about their Irish roots! As an added bonus, we’re running a special sale on MyHeritage DNA for St. Patrick’s Day as well.

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MyHeritage at RootsTech

It was incredible seeing so many familiar faces in person at RootsTech! 

In addition to our big announcements and numerous classes, a major conference highlight was the exclusive session presented by MyHeritage’s Founder and CEO, Gilad Japhet. Gilad reflected on one of his most recent family history discoveries, dove into the newly released MyHeritage features, and gave an exciting preview of what’s to come.

Check out the video of Gilad’s session here.


Please watch and share the video with your audience. You can also find the full recap of our RootsTech 2023 activities here

I’m already counting the days until next year’s conference; how about you? đŸ˜‰

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Legacy Family Tree Webinars in February

We have some fantastic free webinars from Legacy Family Tree Webinars in February. Check out the details below and let your audience know about February 2023’s live webinars:

  • Using Mitochondrial DNA Testing for Genealogical Problem Solving by Michael D. Lacopo, DVM
  • Gradual Emancipation and Enslavement in the North by Ari Wilkins
  • Hints & Tips for solving Irish cases of Unknown Parentage by Maurice Gleeson
  • Les derniers outils et ressources sur MyHeritage by Elisabeth Zetland
  • Family Statistics on MyHeritage by Uri Gonen
  • When a Place is New by Michelle Patient
  • Family History on the Canadian Prairies by Dave Obee
  • The Bengali and English Ancestry of Thomas Chapman: A Case Study with DNA by Meryl Schumacker, CG
  • Flying Under the Radar – Discovering Charles Olin’s Alias by Mary Kircher Roddy, CG
  • Tips and Tools for Navigating the English Probate System by Paul Milner, FUGA, MDiv

Click here to register.


The Best of Elizabeth Shown Mills: Genealogy Problem Solving – a member’s only webinar series

Join us each month as Elizabeth encores her top-12 most beloved classes, teaching us how to break down our genealogy problems and create solutions with innovative strategies and sound methods.

On Friday, February 24 Elizabeth will teach “Smiths & Jones: Success with Families of Common Name”. Visit to learn more or to register.

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MyHeritage Free Access to Australian Records

I’m excited to share that in honor of Australia Day, MyHeritage is offering free access to all 95 million of our records from Australia!

Over the past few months, MyHeritage has added more than 25 new collections from Australia, bringing our total of Australian collections to 288. These collections come from all over the country and include birth, marriage, death, naturalization, military, passenger lists, and more types of records, and many include high-quality scans of the originals. One recently added collection, Australia, New South Wales, Gaol Inmates & Photos, includes stunning photographs of inmates who served in prison from 1870 to 1930. In some cases, they are the only photos of these individuals that exist.

Be sure to spread the word to your friends and followers with family connections Down Under so they get the chance to browse this unique collection at and find information about their families in records from Australia — totally free! Read more about this offer on our blog, and feel free to use the graphic below.

By the way, it’s not only Australians who can benefit from recent additions to MyHeritage. During the last two months of 2022, we added an astonishing 67 record collections containing a total of 65 million collections from all over the world! You can read more details on our blog.



2022 at MyHeritage

2022 was quite a year here at MyHeritage. We released several fantastic new features, including DeepStory, Family Tree Timeline, Photo Tagger, and AI Time Machineâ„¢;  added 2.5 billion historical records in 271 new collections; launched our podcast, Blast From My Past; and released several improvements to existing features to make your family history discovery experience on MyHeritage that much better. We also facilitated many emotional reunions and enjoyed the stories of incredible discoveries our users made through family history research and DNA — all while keeping true to our core values of innovation, compassion, and the desire to have a positive impact on the world.


And those are just a few of the highlights! We’ve compiled a comprehensive blog post and a cool info-graphic (above) summarizing our activities and accomplishments during 2022. Please feel free to share both of them with your readers and followers.

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2023… so stay tuned!

Wishing you and your families a happy and healthy new year,

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MyHeritage DNA Sale

Christmas is right around the corner… it’s our last DNA sale of the season!

Anyone who has been thinking about incorporating DNA into their genealogy research and didn’t take advantage of our amazing sales in the past couple of months — now is the time! At 40% off, MyHeritage DNA makes a thoughtful and affordable holiday gift.

Share with your followers so they don’t miss this limited-time offer! You can read and link to our blog post here for more details. Feel free to use the attached graphic when spreading the word.



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Ariel Sharon Blvd.,
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MyHeritage Cyber Monday Sale

Our Cyber Monday sale is on, and your audience won’t want to miss it! This is our best deal of the year — and our lowest price ever. Plus, we’re offering free shipping on 2 kits or more! But this offer will be over soon, so please spread the word and help more genealogists enjoy all the benefits of DNA testing.

Order MyHeritage DNA now

Cyber Monday DNA Sale

Whether you’ve been waiting for a great deal to purchase one for yourself, or are looking for a meaningful, affordable holiday gift, now is the perfect time to order MyHeritage DNA! Our simple cheek swab test reveals your origins across 2,114 geographic regions and connects you with new relatives. As the #1 DNA test in Europe, it’s the best option for exploring origins and finding family members overseas.

Please spread the word so your friends and followers can enjoy this special price and make sure the kits arrive in time for the holidays! Feel free to use the graphic above.


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MyHeritage AI Time Machine

Ever wondered what you might have looked like if you were born in your ancestors’ time? What about how you might look as a Viking? Or an ancient Greek warrior, or a 19th-century lord or lady? Now you can find out! I couldn’t be more excited to announce the release of AI Time Machineâ„¢, a groundbreaking and fun new feature that enables you to transform everyday personal photos into hyper-realistic images of yourself as a historical figure.

Imagine the most incredible costume you’ve ever seen. Every detail is perfect, and it looks and feels authentic. What you get with AI Time Machineâ„¢ is even better: stunning, seamless images of yourself or a loved one as an ancient Greek warrior, an Egyptian pharaoh, a Victorian lady, or an astronaut in space. There are dozens of iconic historical figures to choose from. You have to see it to believe it!

Check out this video to see how it works.

The feature is very easy to use: simply upload a few photos to get started. The feature will be free to use for a limited time only, so don’t wait — try it now!

Introducing AI Time Machineâ„¢

At MyHeritage, our commitment to developing new tools that help users further their family history research is stronger than ever. We also love creating fun features like AI Time Machineâ„¢ that increase public interest in history in general and family history in particular, and introduce new audiences to the fascinating world of genealogy.

Please share this exciting feature with friends and followers. Feel free to use the image above, or even better — share your favorite AI Time Machineâ„¢ images! You can even use them as highly original profile photos. I can’t wait to see you as your historical figure of choice đŸ™‚

MyHeritage Photo Tagger

We’re delighted to introduce Photo Tagger, a free new feature on the MyHeritage mobile app that lets you easily tag multiple photos of the same individual in one go. Previously, tagging photos meant reviewing and tagging them one by one, which was time consuming. Photo Tagger makes organizing your family photos easier and accelerates your productivity, enabling you to tag hundreds of photos in minutes. You can still tag your photos individually as before, but Photo Tagger adds convenient and accurate bulk tagging.

Photo Tagger scans the photos that you’ve uploaded to MyHeritage, and groups together the faces believed to belong to the same individual, so you can review and tag them in one tap. Photo Tagger does an excellent job of identifying faces as they change over time, such as from childhood to adulthood, and even spots changes in individual appearance, such as facial hair.

Watch this short video to see Photo Tagger in action:

Introducing Photo Tagger - YouTube

This feature is currently available on the MyHeritage mobile app, and in the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing it for the web as well. If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play.

You can read more about this feature and how it works on our blog. Feel free to use the graphic below and the video when spreading the word!


Thanks for all your help and have a great day.

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MyHeritage Premium DNA Sale

I’m writing to let you know that MyHeritage DNA kits are now on sale at 50% off the regular price!

This low price is a great opportunity for anyone who hasn’t purchased a MyHeritage DNA kit yet to do so. This special discount will only be available through July 17, so be sure to take advantage now and spread the word so all your friends and followers can, too!

Read more about the sale on our blog, and feel free to use the graphic below.



Daniel Horowitz

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