Let’s Talk About: What’s New In The FamilySearch Library

 First news of all is the name change: our favorite genealogy library is now the FamilySEARCH Library and new signs on the building proclaim that. Makes sense; FamilySearch is the “umbrella” program we all use. 

Second big change is the arrangement of each floor. The first floor is a welcome-and-entry-level-help with an army of smiling volunteers. They’ll give you an iPad and key to your tree on FamilySearch and you go to stations to learn things like what’s the origin of your surname, info on the place you were born, etc. Fun-fun-fun!

The second floor is totally different. The microfilm cabinets are still there but gone is that “dark alley” of big hooded film readers. Now there are table-stations, each with a film reader (foreground) and two screens….. you can view and print right from your chair.

Third floor still has all the US and Canada books; most family histories are digitally available through the catalog. And there are fewer tables but bigger stations with two computer screens. 

Not quite sure about B-1 and B-2; they’re still international but also have been re-arranged.

Trivia:  The Salt Lake airport is totally re-done also! It’s bigger, and (of course) more spread out. The Plaza hotel is still there (thankfully!) but as of this spring, there is no in-house restaurant. They tell me they have strong nibbles for one to come soon.  Temple Square is still under construction and we’ll have to walk around until 2026, I understand. The restaurants in the Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg are closed too. As you’d guess, this makes getting meals a bit more difficult but within two blocks is the Food Court and others. 

Don’t be shy about going to spend time in the FamilySearch Library! They’re eager to help us with any genealogical problem. 

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  1. Roxanne Lowe says:

    Thanks for the mini-tour, Donna! I can’t imagine what it took to rearrange all that!

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