Let’s Talk About: Trivia

 French Fry ice cream. How does that sound to you? Or Ranch Dressing ice cream? These exotic new ice cream flavors are a reality from a Los Angeles company called VanLeeuwen’s. The idea was that many of us in the past have enjoyed dipping our French Fries into our Malted Milkshakes. Well maybe you, but not me never. Would you try it?

In a very old newspaper clipping from an undated, unidentified newspaper, was this bit:
“Abe Kissed 34 Women During His Ceremony.”  Quoting Jewell Casey “in the current issue of The Holy Names Journal,” Honest Abe bussed no fewer than 34 girls at his first inauguration….. one from each state.

The article also stated that George Washington was the only president inaugurated in two cities, New York and Philadelphia. He wore a “made in America brown wool suit made from the wool of American sheep.”

John Adams was so galled over the larger popularity of his successor, Thomas Jefferson, that he left Washington early in the morning to avoid seeing Jefferson sworn into office. Then 28 years later, John’s son, John Quincy Adams, got out of town early, too, so he wouldn’t have to watch Andy Jackson, his bitter rival, succeed him.  

Thomas Jefferson rode to his inaugural on horseback. Warren Harding was the first to arrive in a motor car….but kissed the same Bible “that had known the lips of George Washington.”

Calvin Coolidge was sworn into office by his own father, a justice of the peace, in a simple Vermont farmhouse lit only by a flickering kerosene lamp. No other father has had that privilege. 

Quote from Mark Twain:  “Clothes DO make the man; naked people have little of no influence in society.” 

She: “What’s that lump on your head?”  He:  “Oh, that’s where a thought struck me.” 

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  1. Bettye Hull says:

    Blue Bell, a Texas creamery, has just put out Dr Pepper Float ice cream! Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t seem anyone in Spokane plans to stock it.

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